Florida Woman Allegedly Hid ID In Her Vagina During Traffic Stop

A woman pulled over by Hollywood, Florida, cops allegedly shoved her identification card up her vagina.

A passenger in a car that may have been involved in a hit and run, the woman reportedly was subject to an outstanding warrant.

ABC Miami affiliate WPLG, Local 10 News, explained what happened on Saturday after midnight.

“According to an arrest report, police discovered that a passenger in the driver’s vehicle, Taccara Nauden, 28, had an active warrant out of the Broward Sheriff’s Office for operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license. Nauden was arrested Saturday and taken to the BSO main jail for processing. Police said Nauden told the medical staff at the jail that she had shoved her Nebraska ID card up her vagina during the traffic stop.”

Medical staff at the jail did an x-ray that apparently confirmed a “foreign object” in her body cavity. While exiting the jail on the way to a local hospital to have the object removed, the woman allegedly urinated on the ground.


“It remains unclear how the police officer knew Nauden’s name, but a routine check showed she had an active warrant,” the Daily Mail noted.

The Miami resident now faces a charge of indecent exposure, although a judge on Monday may have quashed the warrant during a preliminary hearing, according to NBC Miami.

“‘I’m diagnosed with overactive bladder, and I told the officers that,’ Nauden told the judge during the court appearance. ‘Don’t tell me about the facts in your case,’ the judge replied.”

“Some folks use a very private stash to hide dope, but this gal apparently used her personal vault to conceal an ID card. Ouch!” the Florida Sun-Sentinel quipped about the incident.

As alluded to above, suspects have hidden contraband such as drugs or even weapons in that sensitive area of the anatomy.

In June 2014, for example, a woman was caught at the U.S.-Mexican border allegedly trying to smuggle a pound of methamphetamine in her vagina. The meth was reportedly in a condom wrapped in black tape. The suspect, a U.S. citizen age 31, was stopped by suspicious U.S. border agents in Arizona when crossing from Mexico on foot. Agents noticed something unusual when they took her into a secured area for a pat-down.

About the arrest, a U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement representative said, “When they were patting her down, they realized there was something down there,” the Phoenix ABC News affiliate reported.

That same month, two women were busted at Chicago’s Midway International Airport after being allegedly caught with cocaine-filled condoms in their body cavities.

Last year, a Tennessee woman with a loaded gun hidden in her vagina when she was being booked pleaded guilty to several criminal charges. Pursuant to a plea bargain, the woman in her 20s was sentenced to three years behind bars on several charges, including one felony count of bringing contraband into a prison setting. She was reportedly originally pulled over by cops for speeding, at which point officers determined that she was driving on a suspended license.

Florida woman allegedly shoved ID in her private parts after cops pulled her over
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In December 2014, a 34-year-old woman arrested for stolen credit cards and on other charges allegedly took a handgun hidden in her vagina into the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fortunately, another inmate found the weapon in the bathroom trash and alerted Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies at the jail. The suspect allegedly admitted to cops that the gun was hidden in her waistband, but she didn’t reveal it to booking officers because she was trying to avoid additional legal trouble. “At least four officers searched her before she was booked, according to the [criminal] complaint. Deputies believe she was concealing the gun in her genital area, not in her waistband,” the Albuquerque Journal reported at the time.

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