Andy Griffith Death Cover-Up: New Report Alleges That The TV Legend Died Of Asbestos And Not Natural Causes

Andy Griffith

Beloved TV star Andy Griffith didn’t die of natural causes as originally reported, he was allegedly slowly poisoned to death, Radar Online reports.

It’s a shocking claim and will surprise many of his fans. His widow, Cynthia, wanted to bury him on the grounds of their North Carolina home. At the time, she claimed that she wanted to “follow through” with his wishes, and rushed to bury him hours after his passing without an autopsy. It prevented the medical examiner from uncovering more information about his mystery illness that ultimately claimed his life.

Andy Griffith died on July 3, 2012, at the age of 86, CNN reported. At the time of his passing, his family released a statement that “was sick quite a while and was laid to rest at his Roanoke Island home.”

His widow, Cynthia, claimed that she carrying out his wishes by doing a quick service and burial, but the burial plans were so rushed his own daughter, Dixie Nann Griffith, didn’t have time to get to his North Carolina home from Colorado. Four years later, Radar Online uncovered a possible reason why Cynthia may have been pushing for a quick burial and autopsy.

A new inspection report claims that the home he shared with Barbara and their children Dixie and Sam were plagued with toxic asbestos and jumped to the conclusion that Andy perished from the toxic poison.

An insider claimed that they always felt there was more to Andy’s death, and wondered what type of “mystery illness” took Griffith’s life. The illness allegedly plagued Andy for decades and was later diagnosed as an inflammation of his nerves. It was said to cause “debilitating pain.”

Griffith once talked about his illness and noted that his symptoms were confusing. “My illness was strange. As I got better, the symptoms of influenza were replaced by terrible searing pain that ricocheted through my entire body,” Andy explained.

The medical examiner concluded that the TV icon died of a heart attack. The house inspection report alleges that the house was “full” of asbestos, and an inside source believes his death should be reopened and the authorities should investigate his death. Apparently, the home inspection report analyzed 11 samples for asbestos and five tested positive for chrysotile asbestos. In 2013, the investigator sent the results to Andy’s widow, Cynthia and included the exact location of the asbestos within the home. It was in the bathroom, master bedroom, and the pantry.

American Cancer Society claims that asbestos poisoning can lead to lung cancer and pleural mesothelioma. A person can become sick if they inhale the asbestos fibers in the air, most commonly while remodeling a home. Andy was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare form of nerve inflammation after his “mystery illness” baffled his doctors for a number of years.

Just a year after Griffith passed away, his wife obtained a demolition permit and destroyed the small home he once shared with his ex-wife, Barbara, and their two children. A source close to Andy claims that he wanted to turn the house into a museum.

“Andy’s loved ones knew that something was wrong. Maybe the real reason Andy wanted to be buried so quickly was because he was ashamed he exposed his family to the same poison that was killing him.”

Andy Griffith’s death is still a mystery. Many fans have never accepted that the 86-year-old actor died of a heart attack, and urged the authorities to investigate it further. It was odd when his widow pushed for his burial and wanted to skip the autopsy at the time of his death. Now it looks like, he asked his wife to push for a quick burial because he may have known what killed him, and wanted to protect his family from media scrutiny.

Do you think Andy Griffith could have died from asbestos poisoning?

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