Hillary Clinton Campaign Preparing For Landslide: Polls In Swing States Create Confidence Amongst Democrats

Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff are now so confident about the election that they’re preparing the Democratic candidate for the possibility of a landslide victory. Recent polls in key swing states have given Hillary Clinton a large lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump. So much so that the campaign is now preparing for a landslide victory, an unthinkable possibility for the Democratic candidate only two months ago. Could Hillary Clinton be heading for a landslide victory?

According to Politico, consultants to Hillary Clinton’s campaign have identified that the candidate now has so many paths to the White House that they’re now not only focusing on winning the swing states needed for an election victory, but also the possibility of a complete landslide in November. Jeff Berman, a paid consultant to the Clinton campaign, was incredibly confident about Hillary’s chances, saying “Hillary Clinton has many paths to 270 electoral votes, more than any candidate in a generation.”

Whilst Hillary Clinton’s core campaign team are keen to remain quiet on their confidence, speculation of a landslide victory now appears to be seeping out of the Clinton campaign. Clinton’s campaign team has been confident for a while that they can secure victories in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, but they are now projecting the Democratic candidate could secure even more swing states, including most prominently, the Republican-leaning North Carolina.

Clinton’s team are similarly projecting victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with Hillary leading Donald Trump by up to ten points in recent state polling. Advisers are assuring Clinton that it would now be almost impossible for Donald Trump to secure enough swing states to get in the way of her path to the presidency.

That being said, whilst a landslide victory is a possibility the Clinton campaign is now considering, the campaign is still maintaining a broad focus. Those aforementioned consultants that recently joined the Clinton campaign were tasked with identifying the maximum possible routes to election day victory for Clinton. There are those within the campaign concerned it could spread its finances too thin and lose those crucial aforementioned swing states. With that in mind, the path of least resistance is still the main focus for Clinton.


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Surprisingly, however, the Clinton campaign appears to be investing some of its resources in so-called “reach” states like Georgia and Arizona. Whilst Hillary Clinton knows she stands very little chance of securing these states, Mitch Stewart, Obama’s 2012 battleground states director, says they’re playing offense to make the other team play defence. The hope is that Donald Trump’s campaign will then be forced to waste resources in Georgia and Arizona in order to ensure his victory in those states.

Clinton’s campaign is in a strong enough position to do just that. According to The Atlantic, the Clinton campaign announced on Thursday that the Democratic nominee raised a total of $143 million in August. That’s an enormous amount of cash for a presidential campaign and 50 percent more than President Obama raised in the same period.

Hillary Clinton’s inner circle will undeniably want to keep quiet about their confidence. After all, they still need voters to turn out on November 8 and secure Hillary Clinton’s victory. However, if all does go to plan, those close to Hillary are almost certain that Donald Trump has no clear path to the White House. For Hillary Clinton, the period between now and November will likely be focused on maintaining her course, whilst advisers continue to prep for the possibility of a landslide victory.

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