‘Wrong Direction:’ Five Guys Parody A Boy Band To Slam Mitt Romney [Video]

While they may be no Obama Girl (or even the Raging Grannies), Wrong Direction and their song “Disclosure” have the latest political music video that is definitely worth seeing.

The group is a part of Full Frontal Freedom, a group that calls itself, “a coalition of independent artists and media folks using our creativity to promote civic engagement,” according to their YouTube video description.

The five (attractive) guys take on Mitt Romney in a poolside video, but don’t expect them to profess their undying love for the Republican candidate. In fact, with lyrics like, “Romney you lie to voters like nobody else,” and “You made billions by firing the average guy,” these five men have no great love affair with the GOP Presidential candidate, according to The Stir.

While boy band One Direction has sort of gotten involved with American politics in the past when Niall Horan expressed his admiration for Barack Obama in interviews, the European boys likely won’t take their views as far as the men in Wrong Direction.

The group of singers don’t talk of hair-flipping and smiles in their parody of 1D’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” instead focusing on Romney’s refusal to share 10 year of tax returns, notes Gather.

The five men from Full Frontal Freedom are certainly witty, with lyrics like, “Everyone else on TV can see it/Everyone else but Fox News/Romney you lie to voters like nobody else/Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed/But when you smile at your wealth it ain’t hard tell/You won’t show/What you’re hiding down below.”

But when combined with suggestive eyebrow raises and hip thrusts, it’s not clear if the men are telling Mitt Romney to share his tax returns, or if they’re implying he should “leak” a full frontal nude photo to the web, like celebs Chris Brown and Kanye West.

What do you think? Check out Wrong Direction’s music video for “Disclosure,” then sound off below: