Remember Obama Girl? Now There’s An Obama Boy [Video]

Remember the “Obama Girl” Youtube video from 2008? It’s a new decade now, and as President Obama gears up for re-election, Obama Girl has slipped by the wayside in favor of a new viral video: the “open, honest, and out” hot-pants-wearing “Obama Boy”.

Amber Lee Ettinger, AKA the “Obama Girl”, seductively got a then-senator Barack Obama quite a lot of attention and free press back in 2008 as he sought the presidency. It’s 2012 now, but where is Amber? She’s been replaced by the “Obama Boy”, a new viral video that serves as sort of an election season sequel to the first. Though the song is the same, the lyrics have been updated to reflect a post-pro-gay-rights President Obama with a male singer proclaiming his “crush on Obama.”

“I put down my Prop 8 sign, now I’m going to make you mine,” and “You support me unlike the right. You’re my rainbow colored knight,” says the new track.

Cast and crew? Writer/director John Duarte, 29, and the titular “Obama Boy” Justin Brown, 28. Duarte said that he decided to do the video after Obama’s announcement that he is now in full-support of gay marriage. “I got a text message from my gay best friend saying. ‘Oh, my God, go on the ABC site right now,'” Duarte said. “It’s a cool feeling to see your friends feeling like they are getting a voice and not being discriminated against.”

So Duarte called stand-up comedian friend Justin Brown (who is straight, btw) and asked him to perform in the video. “I came up with the idea and wrote the lyrics, and I called up a friend to create a beat for it and then I called up Justin,” Duarte told EW. “Justin did the song, did a bit of rehearsal, and Obama Boy became a reality. We shot for three days all over NY.”

Brown could tell while they were shooting that the viral video would be a hit. “People were stopping us and clapping once they realized what was going on,” Brown said. “It was fun to do, it was fun to make, but it also had to be said,” Brown told ABC, explaining that it was their way of telling Obama, “We support you on your decision to support their decision.”

You’d think that wherever “Obama Girl” is, she’d be pretty sour about the parody. Not so, notes Politico. Reacting to the video, Ettinger wrote “Pretty much I think it’s hilarious I’m flattered too! Lol I’ve been waiting for someone to do this and this guy did it :)”

That’s got Duarte thinking collaboration. “Maybe we’ll even make a video with Obama Girl and Obama Boy,” he said.

Here are videos of 2008’s “Obama Girl” and 2012’s “Obama Boy”. Let us know what you think of the new mix below!

2008’s “Obama Girl”:

[iframe src=”” width=”420? height=”315?]

2012’s “Obama Boy”:

[iframe src=”” width=”560? height=”315?]

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