Concealed Carry Waffle House Customer Draws Handgun And Shoots AK-47 Wielding Robber

A person who robbed a Waffle House restaurant and some of its customers using an AK-47 assault rifle was shot by a man carrying a concealed weapon. The man was a customer as well, and he was carrying a concealed weapon.

The robber, who threatened a Waffle House restaurant in Texas, was shot by a pistol-packing customer, as confirmed by the police. The authorities added that the brave customer, who confronted the robber and foiled the robbery, was carrying the gun legally. The robber is now in the hospital and on life-support.

When a robber, armed with an AK-47, barged into a restaurant, he might have momentarily forgotten that he was in Texas. However, a customer at the Waffle House restaurant quickly and painfully reminded him that such a thing does not fly in Texas. The incident occurred on July 7 at 2:30 a.m.

The robber, later identified as 26-year-old Antoine Devon Cooper, robbed several restaurant-goers and then headed to the parking lot, perhaps to steal a vehicle to aid his getaway. However, the brave customer, whose identity hasn’t been released, followed and shot several bullets at him.

The police in DeSoto, a town in Dallas, Texas, were dispatched to an aggravated robbery at a local Waffle House restaurant. When officers reached the crime scene, they were met with a rather gory scene. An unidentified male lay sprawled in the parking lot of the restaurant with multiple bullet wounds.

Upon inquiring with the patrons of the eatery, it became apparent that the robber had barged through the main door with a large assault rifle, which was later identified as the AK-47, a semi-automatic lethal weapon. Threatening to discharge the weapon, Cooper robbed several patrons. He even robbed the establishment before heading out to the parking lot, reported Dallas News.

The concealed carry customer followed the robber since he was concerned about his wife who was about to meet him at the Waffle House restaurant. He said she could have been parking her vehicle at the time the robber was in the parking lot. Fearing for the safety of his wife and that of the customers and employees, he followed the robber and called out to him. When the robber turned, his gun was pointed at the customer. The latter then fired several rounds, hitting the robber multiple times.

Though the robber was injured, he did not die. After the police arrived, they arranged an ambulance that transported him to a local hospital. As of now, the robber is said to be alive, but he continues to be maintained on a life support machine.

The police later verified and confirmed that the customer, who shot the alleged robber, was a local resident, and he was a Texas Handgun License to Carry permit holder. Previously known as “Concealed Handgun License,” the Texas law allows members of the society to carry concealed weapons.


DeSoto Police Department officials also shared that the armed Waffle House customer and heroic husband will not be arrested. Moreover, he won’t face any charges for discharging his firearm, reported Bearing Arms.

The suspect was identified by the police by circulating pictures of his multiple tattoos, reported Chron. Owing to his medical condition after the encounter, the robber doesn’t have an arrest photo yet. He is currently undergoing treatment. While police haven’t confirmed his condition, they have noted he is recovering.

Ever since the deadly Orlando nightclub massacre, there has been an intense debate about gun safety. Gun control advocates have been calling for stricter gun laws. However, as recent events show, a gun in the hands of a sensible, law-abiding person can save multiple lives.

[Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images]