Four-Year-Old Girl Abducted By Four Gray Aliens As She Slept In Her Bed In Standish, Michigan

JohnThomas Didymus

A teenager has reported that she was abducted by four Gray aliens as she slept in bed when she was only 4-years-old. She says that memories of the frightful incident have haunted her since it happened in 2004, and that she has not been able to recover from the trauma.

According to the 16-year-old alien abductee, in a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and filed as Case 77510 on July 6, 2016, the frightening experience happened in Standish, Michigan, at about 9:36 UTC on November 8, 2004.

The abductee was only 4-years-old at the time. She was sleeping in bed next to her father when a bright light shined through the window. Frightened, she tried to wake her father up, but he was sleeping so soundly that she couldn't wake him up.

"A bright light shined through the window," she wrote in her report submitted to MUFON. "I leaned up to wake my dad up but he wouldn't wake up."

She looked in the direction of the shining light and saw four gray aliens standing outside in front of the window. But she did not know about aliens at the time, so she was unable to identify the beings standing outside her window as Gray aliens.

She was so scared that she blacked out.

"I looked at the window and there were four grey aliens standing there... then I blacked out. "

She submitted a CGI image of the mysterious beings along with her written report to MUFON.

"I have remembered this my entire life, it's burned into my mind."

"I have tried to find a hypnotist in Michigan who would help me remember more but have failed in finding one," she wrote. "Can anybody help me?"

The teenage girl's childhood experience appears consistent with the main theme of alien abduction folklore. It is believed that nearly all human and animal alien abduction cases involve Gray aliens.

According to believers, the U.S. government signed a treaty with the Tall Grays in the 1950s. The treaty allowed the Grays to abduct a limited number of humans for genetic hybridization experiments.

But, according to alien researchers, the Grays violated the treaty by conducting large scale abductions. The original treaty agreement had limited the scale of the abductions and prescribed how human abductees should be treated.

The treaty only allowed abductions to collect genetic material and forbade the Grays from harming human abductees.

There have been several other reports of alien abduction experiences in recent years.

In March, 2016, a woman from Norfolk, Virginia, reported to MUFON that she was abducted by beings believed to be Gray aliens, Open Minds-TV reported.

According to the abductee's report submitted to MUFON and filed as Case 75365, she saw a strange-looking being in her home on March 3, 2016, as she was preparing to go bed at about 1:47 a.m.

She also reported experiencing "loss of time."

She was sitting on her bed when, suddenly, she found herself exiting her kitchen and walking down the hall to her bathroom. She recalled wondering as she walked down the hall how she got to her kitchen or why she went there.

After peeping inside the bedroom, she continued walking down the hall towards her bathroom. But after taking only a few steps she froze and retraced her steps once again because she thought she saw something when she peeped inside her bedroom.

When she looked inside her bedroom a second time, she saw a strange creature standing in front of her patio door. The creature turned its head as the woman entered (see image above), and when it realized it was being observed it walked out of the room and disappeared.

Although many abductees report having real memories of their experience and have given detailed accounts of being subjected to various procedures, often invasive, skeptics believe that most cases of alien abduction experience are due to lucid dreaming and other conditions that involve altered states of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility.

Skeptics point to observations that many of the experiences include elements derived obviously from science fiction literature and movies. Skeptics have also pointed out that the description of Gray aliens by abductees appears to have been influenced by the portrayal of aliens in popular science fiction movies.

Believers have challenged attempts to explain away abduction experiences as wholly subjective. Some believers point to the element of "missing time" experience that features in most alien abduction accounts, arguing that since "missing time" experience is not an essential element of the lucid dreaming, it is unlikely that all alien abduction experiences are all lucid dreaming experiences.

Believers have also cited cases involving two persons sharing an alien abduction experience as proof that the reported experiences were not subjective, but encounters with real beings in the real world.

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