Zimbabwe UFO Mass Sighting Contactee Speaks Publicly For The First Time [Video]

Patricia Ramirez

Zimbabwe was home to one of the most widely-documented and profound mass UFO sightings in modern world history. On September 16, 1994 almost five dozen school kids (ages 5 to 12) reported that they saw multiple UFOs and even interacted with alien beings on their school playground. When the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting took place, according to the reports from the children involved, it all started with the sighting of one large UFO and several smaller craft hovering and moving soundlessly above their school on the outskirts of Zimbabwe's capital.

As Earth Mystery News reports, the dozens of children involved in the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting said that the UFOs landed near their play area. At that point, the children reported the unidentified beings got out of the UFOs and approached the group of kids and even interacted with them for roughly 15 minutes before taking off in their UFO craft.

One of the children involved in the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting was Emily Trim. She rose to fame along with the UFO sighting and was one of the children interviewed by the BBC and Harvard psychiatrist. According to Emily, what she experienced as a child in Zimbabwe has had a profound impact on her life to this day. She says she is still directly impacted by her interaction with the UFO and the beings she says were inside. She says that, as a child, she got within feet of the beings, and that the creatures that came out of the Zimbabwe UFO gave her "messages" as part of the encounter.

Recently, Emily Trim decided to come forward with her experiences for the first time as an adult. She spoke at a recent Alien Cosmic Expo, and there she told visitors about what she experienced as a child witness to the Zimbabwe UFO mass sighting. While logically unbelievable to many who don't believe in UFOs, Emily's emotional description of what she claims to have experienced when she was a young child is both moving and profound.

It's also very believable, despite the mind-boggling subject matter.

"Wednesday, 14th September, 1994, was an exciting night for Southern Africa. Round about 20:50 to 21:05 hours, a pyrotechnic display of some magnificence appeared in the almost clear night skies of this part of the continent."

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