Christina Grimmie’s Shooter: 3 Things To Know

By now, you know that Christina Grimmie is no longer with us. Many have asked about her shooter, and here are three facts.

Unfortunately, Christina Grimmie’s shooter took the Side A artist’s life just as she was shining bright. Many people have questions about his motive as well as his identity.

Here’s what has been revealed so far about Grimmie’s shooter.

1. Christina Grimmie’s shooter did not have a body search conducted before entering Plaza Live.

When there’s a celebrity presence at such venues, it’s important to have proper security measures in place. While Christina might have thought she was in safe hands, a shooter was in the midst of the young teen audience.

Two guns and a knife? No. Not that simple.

This shooter had two small-caliber pistols, with two additional magazines clips of loaded ammunition, and a hunting knife, says the Guardian.

There are large and small hunting knives. The fact that the shooter had small-caliber guns probably means that the knife was small as well. According to Game and Fish Magazine, the “perfect” hunting knife is ideally between “three and six inches.”

According to the Guardian, security protocol at Grimmie’s Plaza Live event didn’t provide for body searches or more technological, personal approaches, including something so rudimentary as “metal detectors.” Rather, the source notes that unarmed security personnel manned the door — only checking bags as visitors walked inside.

Given all the active shooter situations that have involved kid-friendly venues, why would there not be enhanced security measures in place other than “baggage check”? A concierge does that. Someone’s 90-year-old grandmother can check a shooter’s bag and find nothing, right? Unless the shooter is a “sniper,” his gun probably wouldn’t be in his bag.

2. Police are currently investigating Christina Grimmie’s shooter’s phone records.

The source notes that according to Orlando Police Chief John Mina, Christina’s shooter might have attempted to contact Grimmie through social media.

Fans try to send personal messages to celebrities all the time. Whether the messages are read or responded to is another story, though. Celebrities can’t respond to everyone. Actually, many make it a point not to respond to any, due to this type of crazy-person scenario. You never know the type of stranger who claims to be a fan.

Chief Mina states, “Our lives are always now on our phones, so we’re hoping that that will maybe lead us in the right direction to find a motive for this crime. There’s no indication that he knew her.”

However, psychologically, stalkers feel that they know the individual persons they torment. Sometimes, in their minds, they’ve also entered into relationships with the victims, unbeknownst to the innocent parties involved.

According to WebMD, there are two types of stalkers that could harm you: the rejected kind and the predatory kind.

For instance, if the shooter sent Christina Grimmie an inbox message — professing his infatuation with and for the singer — and she rejected this shooter’s advancements, he could’ve felt detrimentally “insulted” and sought “vindication” simply because he thought he was an important part of Christina’s life.

Crazy, right?

So, as far as motive is concerned, Orlando PD is searching Grimmie’s shooter’s computer and phone for potential connections to Christina.

3. Christina Grimmie’s shooter didn’t live in the area, possibly not even the state.

Police state that Christina’s shooter planned and plotted his actions.

According to Chief Mina, “We can tell you he came here to commit this crime and had plans to travel back to where he came from,” notes the Guardian.

A previous Inquisitr report mentions that Christina Grimmie’s YouTube channel has over three million subscribers and counting. That’s a massive number of subscribers for YouTube. And, among that three million, you can bet that there are some stalkers and “super fans.”

With fame, stalkers show up and show out.

Page Six mentions, “They’ve shown up in Selena Gomez’s guest house, outside Halle Berry’s kitchen door and inside Sandra Bullock’s home, despite gates, tall fences and guards meant to keep the stars safe.”

Knowing this particular information already, the question loops to security measures once again. Stalkers show up to autograph signings all the time.

Come on. This wasn’t some Barney & Friends concert.

If there had been a stricter procedure during the Plaza Live event, do you think Christina Grimmie might still be alive today?

The Wall Street Journal notes, in the wake of Christina Grimmie’s death, “A spokeswoman said all events at The Plaza Live had been suspended until further notice.”

Do you suppose, due to Christina Grimmie’s shooter, the venue is taking the time to update their security measures?

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding Christina’s minimum-security event in the comments below.

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