Christina Grimmie Videos — Her YouTube Will Live On

With over three million subscribers, Christina Grimmie’s YouTube videos will live on among her listeners. Stay strong.

Christina’s videos would easily accumulate millions of views within months. Yet, in the wake of Grimmie’s recent death, her YouTube videos might gain significant views within a matter of days.

Interestingly, Christina’s YouTube channel is set as Zeldaxlove64. The last video that Grimmie uploaded was from last week concerning her team’s fundraising efforts for the Humane Society.

You can watch Christina Grimmie’s last video below.

Christina Grimmie uploaded a total of 216 videos to her YouTube account over the last six years, pretty much the life of the account. If you take a look at her YouTube account, you’ll see that Grimmie’s videos cover a variety of material — not just music.

However, in her first year on the site, Christina recorded a series of cover songs. They ranged from Stacie Orrico’s “Dear Friend” to Keri Hilson’s “Energy” and Owl City’s “Fireflies.”

In the video’s description, Christina Grimmie noted, “[N]ot my most vocally impressive song but its such a good song and everyone seems to like it as much as i do and that was an obvious sign to put…this video up.”

When listening to Grimmie’s vocals, you can hear the passion in her voice. It seems that Christina loved music and sharing a universal love.

In the hours since Grimmie’s death, fans continue to flood her videos with views, likes, and comments. Some listeners state that “Fireflies” is their favorite cover song of hers. Several fans are visually and emotionally mourning Christina’s loss.

Yet, to digress, as years progressed, Christina Grimmie’s YouTube page continued to build, and her fanbase likewise increased.

Christina’s videos became more like vlogging (video blogging). Aside from music, Grimmie simply shared her life with fans and showed that she was a down-to-earth person. As you can see in the following video, she had hair issues like most everyone else.

Essentially, Christina Grimmie’s videos were catered for her fans. She even allowed them to send her requests. Of course, several cover songs followed after those requests were made to the singer.

During that time, Christina was excited about the debut and success of her EP album, Find Me. If you’d like to hear the 2011 album, it’s located in the video below.

Grimmie’s videos included backstage footage and interviews as well. When she started out, one of her first tours was opening for Selena Gomez in 2012.

It’s almost as if Christina’s fans grew with her. They watched her blossom into the artist she was at the time of her death. Some fans have expressed that, in a way, she was like family. Grimmie’s videos were and still are therapy sessions for many people.

From advice sessions to blooper reels, from Xbox commercials to hosting American Idol, etc., Christina Grimmie’s life will be forever remembered and accessed via her YouTube page. It’s a living time capsule if you will.

Likewise, many people are actively taking a journey down Christina’s life through those and many others. Hundreds of additional comments have been placed onto her videos, old and new.

Friends, family, and total strangers express their condolences as well as mourning for Christina Grimmie’s departure from this world. Some strangers comment that although they weren’t fans of her music and didn’t exactly know her well, they agree that she didn’t deserve to die — that she didn’t deserve to be pointlessly shot and killed in some guy’s murder-suicide situation.

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding Christina Grimmie’s YouTube video channel? Will you spend the day taking a journey back through her life? Feel free to share your response in the comments below.

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