Donald Trump 2016 Part 2: Republican Benedict Arnolds And The Death Of ‘Conservative’ Republican

The Republican Party and Donald Trump, Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Donald Trump, the so-called, alleged Conservative Republican savior who will tackle Leftist-Progressive policies, the Obama doctrine, PC Mafias, and every other Conservative or Liberty cause, is a fraud.

The Republican Party are even bigger frauds. Republican establishment types, also known as “Big R” Republicans, have been walking the tightrope all the way to the Republican National Convention. Well, at least since their champion Jeb, formerly known as John Ellis Bush, was knocked out in the Republican primary match-ups. Donald Trump, despite his alleged attack on the establishment, has been the second biggest “Big R” Republican in the race.

The Republican establishment, or also see Republican Benedict Arnolds, have pulled the wool over the Republican voters eyes and the true Trump is already beginning to step out from behind the curtain. More on this below…

The Republican Party…modern Benedict Arnolds?

Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and some independents, you’ve been had! The “Big Rs” engineered a massive reverse psychology measure that more or less has been cheerleading Trump to victory.

Paul Ryan is a perfect example of the mask slipping, the facade dropping, and lying cascaded on the floor. Let’s face it. The two-party duopoly have been in varying speeds of a death spiral, and their influence and control has mostly diminished, but only the Republican Party, “Big R” elite attacks their varying factions. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul attacks don’t let up from party leaders when they were running, but Trump criticism was silent. The “Big Rs” had their man Jeb, formerly known as John Ellis Bush early on. It was only after he floundered, flopped on the floor, and died a slow, miserable political death that they went after Donald Trump.

Of course, they couldn’t outright support or endorse the former Democrat, pro-abortion, Clintonian BFF.

Especially not when they were once all about their establishment “Big R” BFF Bush. So, how do he win? Reverse psychology. Vehemently oppose and scrutinize every little nook and cranny of the candidate until the moderate Democrat comes out smelling like the die-hard Conservative Republican the people wanted. Win,Win,Win!

Mitt Romney speaking

Do not get confused, as the “Big R” Republican establishment has not learned. Their distancing themselves from the like of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash, the use of the Romney attack dog, and their refusal to do anything meaningful in the wake of Barack Obama’s destructive presidency is a clear shot across the bow that they are fundamentally lost, and they shall fall like the Whig party before them.

Ironically, Trump is running the same vague campaign as Romney 2012, but shh! No one has noticed. He won’t actually lend any specificity to his plans. The only difference between the two is that one was created in a Republican laboratory and is properly programmed not to vocally err, and the other is a real boy. Granted, a 12 year-old boy who throws tantrums, but real nonetheless. Donald Trump speaks in vagaries because it’s easier than actually committing to something, especially when you might change your mind later that day. Republicans, the so-called Tea Party, and Conservatives lambasted President Obama for “evolving” over the years, yet Trump is on both sides of every issues at the same time. No big deal.

The amount of showmanship and acting that has gone into the “Big R” Republican Establishment’s denial and alleged reviling of Donald Trump is truly Oscar worthy. Though, they do say, that you clash the most with someone whom you have the most in common.

RIP Republican Party

To be fair, the Republican Party has been in decline for over a decade, where the Democratic Party mostly retains respect and voter turn out because they adhere to their principles and generally stand firm in what they say they will do. Until this election, where the DNC and Hillary Clinton fight to crush her popular rival Bernie Sanders, Huffington Post reports.

Republicans have become like cornfields in the wind, they sway with the political wind and political mood of the moment.

The “Big R” establishment lacks principles and stands disconnected from their constituency. They bow to media pressure, not public pressure. They force feed their voters with the crass mantra of the “Lesser of Two Evils,” which this writer has written ad nauseam about in this article, but to be fair it is a false ideal already embedded and ingrained in the American psyche for decades. When did it start? No one knows. The better question is when do the voters stop allowing it control their precious right to vote?

Conservatism and the Republican Party once had Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, and Abraham Lincoln as their poster boys. While Lincoln wasn’t a conservative on the role of government, and neither was Reagan at some points of his career, there was still a certain respectability about these men.

Calvin Coolidge at his desk

The Republican Party was once a party of abolitionists and limited government Conservatives, and despite the fact that the Republican Party has its own pillow over its face over the past decade, Donald J. Trump is the proverbial “nail in the coffin” to both.

Donald Trump has been said to be the symptom of this collapse of the Republican Party that has been dominated by a runaway establishment of “Big R” Republicans, but truth be told, Trump’s own background paints the same picture. Trump, the faux Conservative Republican messiah that is no different from the party of Barack Obama and President Obama himself, waxes conservatism and does a disservice to both philosophies.

“Make America Great Again” Republicans and so-called Tea Partiers or Conservatives are no different from “Hope and Change” Democrats of 2008. Same trick, different trickster. Donald Trump’s reality distortion field is less Darth Sidious, conniving and plotting, and more busting through door faux macho action star with the temperament and tongue of Charles Bukowski, but none of acumen, prowess, or talent. “Make America great again” is a slogan, a gimmick, not a plan or policy. We should expect as much from a so-called businessman.

Make no mistake, the Republican Party has become the party of Donald Trump, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and John Boehner.

The virtuous few that are left try desperately to save the party, and holds its head up so it doesn’t choke on its own consumption, but do little more than bandage a gaping wound. The remnants of the old republic of Coolidge and Reagan have been mostly swept away.

Sadly, it won’t be until “The Donald” is having his inaugural speech and the man behind the curtain steps out will conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans realize they have been had. Buyers remorse without a returns department to assuage their rage.

Republican Party, as a bastion of small-government Conservatism, is dead. As far as Conservatism goes, V from V for Vendetta would say that ideas are bullet proof, but if history has taught us anything, political parties are not.

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