Donald Trump V. Hillary Clinton: A Voter Fraud Story Of The Lesser Of Two Evils And Closed Primaries

Donald trump and Hillary Clinton are the Republican and Democrat candidates that nobody wanted. Yet, they are poised to be the 2016 presidential candidates that nobody wants, but will settle for. This episode of Voter Fraud would typically be labeled Voter Fraud 5, but since Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and 2016 election season has been particularly helpful in shaping this edition, so they will get top billing.

Prior episodes, like Voter Fraud 1, has dealt with literal Voter Fraud. Voter Fraud 2 dealt with the absurdity of loyalty to a political party. Voter Fraud 3 was about low information voting, and Voter Fraud 4 dealt with the cronyism of politician pandering and offering free things in return for votes.

Trump and Clinton get to lead this special with the old adage of the “lesser of two evils,” but also contributing is Closed Primaries, and a possible solution with “none of the above” voting.

The “Lesser of Two Evils” is a False ideology

The American public has long been inundated with the shoddy reasoning that the “lesser of two evils” is oftentimes the only electoral answer. However, this ideology has fallen on its head more times than Bill Clinton has cheated on Hillary, and more times than John Boehner cried when Pope Francis came to speak to congress.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is like choosing whom to marry by picking the ex who cheated on you least because they have the best chance of being loyal down the road.

Less than a decade ago, no one wanted Donald trump or Hillary Clinton. In 2008, Clinton lost handily. Not to mention her sore loser attitude that brought her to accuse then senator Obama and later her boss President Obama, of cheating by voter fraud. Donald trump has threatened the American people with running at least twice. The last time being 2012, and the response was a collective giggle. Now, simply because Republicans are afraid of Hillary Clinton, and Democrats are being railroaded by Superdelegates and led by the “historic elections,” rhetoric, and “lady parts,” Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat to fear. Earlier this election season, this writer spoke about Jeb Bush V. Hillary Clinton, as they appeared to be the presumptive establishment choice.

Elections are like alcohol, they cause good people to make bad decisions and do uncharacteristically stupid things.

Bob Dole in 2008
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The Big R Republicans have been running the party into the ground for a lot longer than many realize. Before Jeb and Trump, there was McCain and Romney, before that it was Bob Dole and George Bush Sr. At least George Jr. ran as an old school, non-interventionist, limited government conservative Republican. On his second election, he ran as big, strong like bull Papa George who was keeping you safe from terrorists. Also, Papa George was a better option to flip-flop Frankenstein. Grrr! I was for the Iraq war before I was against it! Uhhh! The two elections that are most consequential to this impasse that 2016 voters might find themselves in, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, is the 1992/1994 and 2000/2006 elections.

Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992, beating out the incumbent president George Bush Sr. Many Republicans saw this loss as a sign that the third-party really loused things up. Ross Perot will go down in political history as the reason why third parties don’t work, and the lesser of two evils is the only way. However, the election of 1994 proved that just because the candidate you hate won the battle, does not mean they won the war.

The ’94 “Republican Revolution” was elected and reversed during then-President Bill Clinton’s big government. Likewise, in 2000, the Democrats’ dream was shattered when Vice President Al Gore lost to George Bush Jr. Again, the battle lost, but the war not won. Though it took longer, in 2006, the Democrats swept the congressional races and turned the tides on Republicans.

2016 is no different from previous years, but a little worse. The newest Bush dropped out, but a similarly bad contender stepped into the political ring. In fact, most of the Republican contenders have dropped out, and the Republican Party has lost its mind. Welcome to the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election season.

In one corner, you have an establishment Big R candidate named Donald Trump, and in the other you have an even worse candidate who is a Big D candidate named Hillary Clinton. Both establishment, both pretty much the same candidate, and both trying to convince you otherwise.

The lesser of two evils mantra is a doctrine of stupidity, and to some degree, villainy. Don’t let a political candidate confuse you and expect you to hold your nose to vote for them, simply because you like their VP. Firstly, if they would accept that, you should question their integrity. Secondly, a VP, for the most part, is a backup president.

Closed Primaries help Big R and Big D, Not little ol’ Y-O-U

It’s bad enough the presidential debate commission shuts out third parties, but Fox News tried to refuse anyone that hasn’t spent enough or the Republican Party isn’t backing from being on their sponsored debate. Though, the Undercard debate still sucks, and is like looking from the outside in. The question is starting to become why are you allowing these “news” channels choose who we can vote for? That’s essentially what is happening. If you were to take a gander at, you’ll find that there are more than 30 candidates running, and most of which you have never even heard of. Closed primaries and the current debate commission conglomerate only allows a fraction into party, so shouldn’t the people change the venue?

If we are stuck with the closed primaries and this silly popularity contest debate, we might as well run the primaries like a reality show contest. Have each one up on the screen with their party, background, and beliefs. Conduct individual interviews. CSPAN could air the debates, as it might be at least the slightest bit impartial then. There should be backups of the debates to stream online for candidates, political parties, and people could share the links and binge watch the debates. This way, ratings and money might not determine who can run and who can get exposure.

Voting “None of the Above” to Save America?

Then, there are “principled” non-voters. Here’s a bitter, unsettling pill to swallow… they have it wrong too. The independents and those who wish to see an end to the two-party corrupt duopoly are wrong to go this route.

At the end of the day, how do you fix the system? Should you not vote? As Paul of Bible fame would say “by no means!” Inaction does as much harm as blindly supporting the system. You perpetuate something when you support it, or if you stand idly by and watch it happen. Participating in a murder and being the murderer’s unintentional accomplice who simply stands by and does nothing to stop it, is still considered complicit in the act.

Cousin Vinny and Stan
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What should you do? Vote none of the above. A quaint little comedy from the 1980s might have shown us the ultimate act of patriotism, if the American people are truly too distracted to pay attention and vote properly. If you want to see change and want those you elect or govern over you hear your voice, you need to gather together and protest. You need to take a page from the movie Brewster’s Millions. A “none of the above” campaign would be far more powerful than any candidate or non-vote. American people should stop the petty squabbles, stop allowing the corrupt Big R and D divide and conquer, and turn off America’s Got Talent and take a look down the road at what Washington, D.C. has been up to in your name. You might be shocked, awed, and appalled. This is a good thing.

Voter fraud is pervasive, and most certainly not isolated. America has a sickness, an ailment, and a pandemic-size disease, and it comes in many forms. Until Americans step back and address the rampant nepotism, cronyism, and blind party loyalty, nothing will change. It votes for parties not individuals, names not ideas, accepts freebies/goodies that benefit (insert your favorite cause or company here), and forces you to vote for the “lesser of two evils.”

Sadly, the political match-up of Donald Trump V. Hillary Clinton isn’t even a contest of the lesser of two evils, but rather the devil you don’t know v. The devil you know. Whether you know her or don’t know him, the devil is still the devil…

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