WWE News: Two Huge Debuts Take Place On 'Monday Night RAW' - The Bullet Club Arrives

For months now, everyone has been waiting for former members of the Bullet Club to make their debuts in WWE. As of this morning, it was rumored that they would indeed be showing up on tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW, and the rumors finally came true. Luke (Doc) Gallows and Karl Anderson made their presence known in a huge way on RAW, and they did it without Finn Balor and didn't side with AJ Styles.

No, the former members of the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling made a gigantic statement all on their own.

At the beginning of Monday Night RAW, Shane McMahon came out to announce that a tag team tournament would take place to determine new number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles currently held by The New Day. Eight teams were put into it, but two had already been eliminated by mid-RAW.

Early on, the Lucha Dragons were eliminated by the Dudley Boyz. Later, The Usos eliminated the Social Outcasts. Immediately after the second result, The Usos...well, they were taken out by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Known as Doc Gallows around the world, and as Luke Gallows during his last WWE run, he showed up in a big way on RAW. He hopped out of the crowd with his longtime tag team partner Karl Anderson and they made an impressive statement right away.

Wrestling Inc. reported early on Monday that both Gallows and Anderson were backstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The problem is that they had been backstage at Monday Night RAW and SmackDown last week, too, but weren't used.

They were backstage at RAW all day today, and halfway through the show, they debuted and the crowd loved every single second of their time in the ring.

As recapped by WWE.com, the Usos were celebrating after having just advanced in the tag team tournament, and it happened. The NJPW veterans jumped in the ring and showed that they have arrived and mean serious business.

"Now, the bad news: The Usos hadn't even had a chance to celebrate their win — via a rollup of Heathy Baby after a premature Bo Train threw Slater off — before New Japan veterans and rumored WWE signees Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson stormed the ring in street clothes. With nary a word of introduction, the duo laid waste to the two-time Tag Team of the Year with their self-dubbed 'Magic Killer' tandem maneuver. Good luck in Round 2, Uces. Assuming, of course, they even make it there."
Calling them "rumored WWE signees" is a rather interesting touch by WWE.com, as it makes them seem like they're invading from NJPW. Maybe WWE is going to twist this as a bit of an nWo/Outsiders angle.

WWE is wondering if they've seen the end of Anderson and Gallows, but it's hard to believe that being the case.

Many of the rumors swirling around for the past couple of months stated that Anderson and Gallows would debut in WWE at the same time that Finn Balor was called up from NXT. Considering they were all part of the Bullet Club together in NJPW, it was thought that there would be the "Balor Club" in WWE.

It may still happen, but not as originally expected.

Another rumor is that Gallows and Anderson will side with AJ Styles, another former Bullet Club member in Japan, and help him win the WWE Title from Roman Reigns. This has caused talk that there would be a reunion of The Shield and have them feud with WWE's version of the Bullet Club.

For now, no-one knows what WWE has in store for Karl Anderson and Luke "Doc" Gallows, but they are finally on the main roster. The debut of the former Bullet Club members was has huge on Monday Night RAW, and even bigger things are coming.

[Image via WWE]