WWE Rumors: Bullet Club’s Arrival In WWE Teased On ‘Monday Night Raw’ — Balor Club Coming?

Ever since the rumors of AJ Styles heading to WWE were revealed, a lot more speculation began springing up, and it’s of the Bullet Club. Upon word getting out that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were also leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and likely heading to WWE, those rumors got even stronger. Throw in Finn Balor, the current NXT Champion, and it makes perfect sense. Now, WWE is either teasing a new club or trolling its own fans.

In an odd twist of fate, or possible purposefully done camerawork, WWE focused on a couple of fans in the stands. Both of them had on Bullet Club t-shirts, as pointed out by WrestleZone. WWE announcers didn’t acknowledge the shirts by name, but there’s more to it.

Not only were the fans focused on during Raw, but the official Twitter for WWE Universe even tweeted out a GIF of the fans.

So, former Bullet Club member Finn Balor is on the NXT roster. Former Bullet Club member AJ Styles is now on the main roster in WWE. Former Bullet Club members Luke “Doc” Gallows and Karl Anderson are expected to start with the company in NXT or immediately in WWE soon.

That’s four former members of one of the most well-known wrestling stables in the world today and in history.

As soon as the rumors grew in strength and even WWE started addressing them, the hype grew and grew around the former Bullet Club members being signed. Almost immediately, Finn Balor began tweeting about a possible Bullet Club reunion and there were even rumors that WWE had purchased the group name rights.

This was far from the only tease that was thrown up online by any superstar. Daniel Bryan jumped on Twitter and immediately was begging WWE to clear him for an in-ring return so he could have dream matches on the big stage with Styles, Anderson, Gallows, and former NJPW (non-Bullet Club member) Shinsuke Nakamura.

Finn Balor has been the one that’s been the biggest teaser of it all though. WWE won’t be able to use the name “Bullet Club,” but some variation of it could end up arriving in the promotion and the current NXT Champion would love nothing more.

There is also WWE Shop who is throwing even more fuel on the fire by putting an actual shirt out there for “Balor Club.”

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Image via WWE

At an NXT Live Event back in mid-January, Finn Balor took things another step further, according to Wrestling Inc. During Balor’s entrance at the event in Milwaukee, Balor was making the Bullet Club hand gestures while heading down to the ring.

After the match was over, he was heading backstage, stopped at the top of the ramp, faced the ring and did it one more time. Afterward, he pointed to his wrist and said out loud to the crowd that it was “only a matter of time.”

A couple nights later, Balor defeated Sami Zayn at another NXT Live Event in Chicago and once again, he did Bullet Club gestures.

Balor has done a lot of teasing and a lot of talking about the arrival of other former Bullet Club members to WWE and NXT. So far, AJ Styles has made his debut and it’s expected that both Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson will be on the scene soon.

The teasing and hinting done by Finn Balor is just that — teasing. Unless things actually happen and WWE has it planned, then it’s not happening. Still, Balor is making it a lot more fun.

WWE showing some fans in Bullet Club T-shirts and then putting them on Twitter for the world to see is very interesting. Finn Balor’s constant teasing is keeping the fans excited for what could come. AJ Styles’ arrival and the soon-to-debut Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows only adds to all the hype about a possible reunion of a very strong faction.

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