WWE Rumors: Major Heel Turn Coming To Set Up AJ Style’s Match At ‘Fastlane’

As the “Road to WrestleMania” is in full force right now, WWE is preparing to make Fastlane a much bigger and more important Pay-Per-View rather than have it just be a filler. The triple threat main event for the main event title shot at WrestleMania 32 is already doing just that, but there’s more to come. AJ Styles is about to get into his first big-time feud in WWE, and it will likely bring about a heel turn from Chris Jericho to set it up.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Styles’ first singles match with WWE was against Jericho, and it wasn’t a bad match at all. The two faced off as recapped by WWE, Styles picked up the victory with a reverse roll-up.

Once the match was over, Styles held out his hand to shake that of Jericho, but Y2J was rather apprehensive at first. After a few minutes, Jericho finally grabbed Styles hand and shook it to congratulate him on the win.

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On SmackDown, there was a backstage segment done where Jericho spoke on his match with Styles and how he wouldn’t mind having a rematch. It was a rather aloof conversation with Jericho being all smiles and overly complimentary about it.

This week on Monday Night Raw, AJ Style was a guest on MizTV, and it led a brawl in the ring. Well, it actually ended up being a beatdown of The Miz at the hands of AJ Styles, and it led to a match being set up between the two of them for SmackDown, according to WrestleZone.

One may think that this would lead to a feud beginning between Miz and Styles, but there was more to come later on Raw.

Cageside Seats had a recap of a backstage segment that took place later on Monday Night. Renee Young was backstage with Jericho and interviewed him about losing to AJ Styles. Kind of odd that they would bring it up again a whole week later.

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Jericho actually says he has still been thinking about that loss to Styles and it’s been weighing on his mind. He said that the match was great from start to finish and there wasn’t a single thing wrong with it except for the outcome of it.

That would be Jericho losing to Styles.

Chris Jericho came a lot of credit to Styles for being a great fighter and overall awesome competitor, but he’s not done. Jericho has all intention of being at SmackDown and he’s going to pay extra close attention to Styles match with The Miz.

For anyone has ever watched wrestling before, it is blatantly obvious that WWE is building up to a feud between Styles and Jericho. If it was going to be a one-off match, then they would have let it die and not have Jericho keep talking about it a week later.

This does not spell good things for AJ Styles.

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It certainly appears as if there is another obvious thing happening here and it’s a heel turn by Chris Jericho. He’s been too complimentary of AJ Styles and far too nice to him after losing a match on last week’s Monday Night Raw.

This would be a huge match for WWE if they end up making it for Fastlane and allowing Styles and Jericho to go for about 20 minutes.

Chris Jericho is about to make a major heel turn and he’s going to give AJ Styles his first major feud in WWE. This is all leading up to another match between the two, and it’s likely that WWE is going to schedule it for Fastlane in February.

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