WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Three Big Names At ‘Raw’ — Three Big Names Pulled From ‘Raw’ Tonight

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is going to be a big one, but for a number of different ways. AJ Styles is now the number one contender for Roman Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight Title, and that will be a featured storyline. On another note, though, it is now being rumored that three big names are likely to show up on Raw tonight, but three other big names have also been pulled from appearing.

It has been rumored for some time now that WWE would be taking a break from The Authority angle for a while. After losing at WrestleMania 32, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon haven’t been seen at all and are expected to miss tonight’s show as well.

They won’t be the only ones missing, though. Last week, Vince McMahon kicked off Raw and handed control over to his son Shane McMahon. Vince later left and thought things would be fine as they were. Well, the WWE Live Events page has actually removed Vince, Triple H, and Stephanie all from the names appearing tonight.

Wwe rumors spoilers Monday night raw Karl Anderson doc gallows Shane McMahon Vince Stephanie triple h the authority
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Now, that page isn’t always a clear indicator of things, as the talent appearing on it is always “subject to change.” The interesting thing with this trio, though, is that they were once listed on it for Monday Night Raw this evening but have now been removed.

With that kind of star power all missing from the show, WWE is going to make sure that the fans aren’t disappointed.

The official Raw preview from WWE.com now has stated that Shane McMahon is indeed going to be in charge of the show once again.

“It’s clear that WWE’s Prodigal Son didn’t fall on his face as The Chairman had hoped, and it’s equally clear that the WWE Universe likes the way Shane runs things. In fact, due to the overwhelming support that Shane received throughout social media throughout the past week, Mr. McMahon has announced that his son will once again be in control of Raw tonight.”

Originally, it was said that he may or may not be in charge of the show, but it looks like a decision has now been made. Just as of Sunday, it was questioned whether or not Shane McMahon would take over Raw, but Monday has changed things to confirm it.

Wwe rumors spoilers Monday night raw Karl Anderson doc gallows Shane McMahon Vince Stephanie triple h the authority
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Last week, Shane McMahon had a number of great things happen, as The Miz was crowned the new Intercontinental Champion, a new number one contender for the WWE Title was named, Cesaro returned, and a number of NXT talents were called up to the main roster for their debuts.

In order to make this week even better, Shane-O-Mac is going to have to bring things up a level or two.

According to the Wrestling Observer, both Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are going to be backstage tonight in Los Angeles for Raw. It is not known if they will be used or not, but they’re going to be there and ready to go if needed.

They’ve actually been backstage at last week’s shows, including WrestleMania 32, Monday Night Raw, and SmackDown, but were never used. Rumors have been flying around that their debut is coming soon, but fans are still waiting for it.

Monday Night Raw is going to be a good show, no matter what, but it will be missing some key names. With Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H (The Authority) being pulled from the show, WWE may have to make up for it elsewhere. Shane McMahon running things and introducing the debut of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson (Bullet Club) could do just that.

[Image via WWE]