WWE Rumors, Spoilers: AJ Styles Going After WWE Title – Will Shane McMahon Control ‘Raw’ Again?

WWE is moving on to a new year of feuds and programs, and one of the biggest going around right now is AJ Styles chasing the WWE World Heavyweight Title held by Roman Reigns. It’s expected that the two will battle it out at Payback in three weeks, and the feud is only going to continue on Monday Night Raw. Still, there are a lot of rumors swirling as to others that could get involved and make things a lot more interesting.

The full preview for Monday Night Raw has been released on the WWE website, and it looks like it is going to be a very busy night. There will be guest stars and a rock band, as well as new feuds starting and old grudges needing to be settled, so it should be a lot of fun.

Can Styles claim Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight Title?

AJ Styles just became the number one contender for the WWE Title last week, and on SmackDown, he had to learn to work together with his future opponent. Now, it’s time for things to get serious and for Styles to show Roman Reigns that he’s gunning for him.

With this new feud being set up, it has started a lot of talk that there could be a future program in the works between the Bullet Club and The Shield. All of that is nothing more than rumor at this point, but an interesting one.

Will Shane McMahon bring us another “money” Raw?

Last week, Vince McMahon made the WrestleMania 32 stipulation in the Hell in a Cell match completely useless and nonexistent. Shane McMahon lost the match and therefore didn’t gain control of Monday Night Raw, but he got it anyway.

It ended up being a really good show, and that may have Vince happy with what he saw and maybe in a giving mood. He may give Shane-O Mac control of Raw again, and if he does, that only lends strength to the rumors of the WWE brand extension returning.

What does Dr. Phil have planned for Raw?

Yes, Dr. Phil McGraw is indeed going to be on Monday Night Raw this week, but is more so expected to be just a promotional thing. His TV show Dr. Phil is currently in its 14th season and has recently been renewed through the year 2020.

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According to Wrestling Inc., WWE has also confirmed that the pop rock band Hundred Handed will be at Raw on Monday, and that should come as no surprise. The frontman for the band is none other than the good doctor’s son, Jordan McGraw.

Are the Dudley Boyz “Sawft”?

Enzo Amore and Big Cass were only just a couple of the NXT stars that debuted on the WWE main roster last week, and they had big targets in their eyes. They immediately went after the veteran Dudley Boyz and proved they weren’t afraid of the ECW Originals.

Now though, it seems like they made the Dudley Boyz mad which means Bubba Ray and D-Von are going to prove they aren’t “sawft.” Fans may see a return of the table-breaking experts as they deal with one of WWE’s newest tag teams.

Is Goldust ready for his close-up?

Goldust and R-Truth continue to be weird and continue to be the masters of backstage segments and vignettes.

Will The Wyatt Family seal The League of Nations’ fate?

It still doesn’t seem like WWE knows what to do with The Wyatt Family. With Luke Harper out due to an injury and surgery, they are now down to three members. King Barrett is reportedly leaving WWE this summer, so the League of Nations just kicked him to the curb. Two stables with three members? Set it up!

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw aj styles roman reigns shane mcmahon title dr. phil wyatts league of nation
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Can Natalya knock Charlotte off her pedestal?

Charlotte is the WWE Women’s Champion, and she no longer has Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks on her heels as they are just sick of her. While none of the other female superstars want anything to do with her, Natalya is ready to show Ric Flair’s daughter the meaning of respect.

WWE is now heavily building toward the next pay-per-view which is Payback and it takes place on May 1. There are just three weeks to go until it happens, and you can tell by the preview for Monday Night Raw that the feuds and matches are being set up big time now. It should still be a really good show, but a lot of focus will be on AJ Styles and him chasing after the WWE Title held by Roman Reigns.

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