WWE Rumors: New Version Of nWo To Return With Kevin Nash As The Leader

One of the greatest and most popular stables in wrestling history is that of the nWo, and when it first began, no one expected it to be what it was. The Outsiders in Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were one thing, but to be joined by Hulk Hogan sent them through the roof. There have been many versions of the stable over the years, but it’s been gone for many years. Now, Nash actually wants to bring a new version of it back to WWE and be the leader of it.

The last time the nWo was seen in any version was last year at WrestleMania 31 when Hogan, Hall, and Nash came out to help Sting in his match against Triple H. Some have thought that would honestly be the last time they’d ever be heard from again.

Well, maybe that isn’t the case.

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As reported by 411 Mania, Kevin Nash recently spoke with Noelle Foley, daughter of wrestling legend Mick Foley, and he had some interesting things to say. They spoke at length about the nWo and the different versions of the stable that existed over time in both WCW and WWE.

Yes, there was a weird version in TNA called “The Band,” but no one really thinks about that too much.

Back in October, Sports Illustrated spoke with Kevin Nash about a possible return to WWE one day, and he has gotten himself in good shape for the chance of it happening. Well, Noelle Foley asked Nash who he would want to face in WWE if he ever were to return.

“I would like to do it as a manager…and maybe bring an nWo stable in.”

Think about that for a second.

Kevin Nash wants to come in as a manager/leader of a brand new nWo. If they allowed Nash to be in charge of it, with Triple H backstage helping things of course, then it could work. Well, that is if they also chose the right members to be in the group.

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There were a lot of different versions of the nWo, including the original black and white, red and black (Wolfpac), silver and black, and then countless members in each of those versions.

Noelle did also ask him about which version of the nWo should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame when they’ll undoubtedly go in one day. Not to anyone’s surprise, he mentioned the original three members of the group that terrorized WCW, but added one more.

“I think it should be the original four. It was basically Hulk (Hogan), Scott (Hall), X-Pac, and myself. Hulk didn’t work house shows, so the only presence we had for the first eight or nine months…Kidd (X-Pac/Sean Waltman) was a cruiserweight so he’d go out and work a match. Then, Scott and I would tag. So (the members) of the nWo that were working house shows was the three of us. I think that if they are going to put the nWo in as a collective group, then it should be us four.”

That makes a lot of sense, but who could Kevin Nash bring into a new version of the nWo if he ever returned to WWE and was allowed to bring it back?

Over the years, there have been a number of stables that have failed miserably and some which had moderate success. Without a doubt, the most comparable stable in WWE over the last decade or so would have to be the Nexus.

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While it didn’t have the lasting success or as big an impression as the nWo, the Nexus really did shock the world back in the summer of 2010. The angle where they destroyed John Cena, the announcers, the ring, and everything else in the area on Monday Night Raw was very reminiscent of the nWo taking over WCW Monday Nitro.

Stables like The Wyatt Family and The New Day have lasting power. Other stables like The League of Nations and The Family are there one day and then not around the next. Maybe WWE’s version of the Bullet Club aka Balor Club can change the definition of stability in the future.

When it comes to doing a stable and takeover right though, it could not have been pulled off any more perfect than WCW did with the original nWo in the mid-’90s. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash’s arrival was something unheard of and then Hulk Hogan’s heel turn and addition to the group was phenomenal.

If Hulk Hogan really does end up returning to WWE as rumors have stated, it could make this whole new nWo idea even more interesting. Nash had more to say to Noelle Foley, and you can check out the full interview in the video below.

Kevin Nash building a new nWo and bringing it to life in WWE is something that would shock the world and bring a lot of fans clamoring back to their TVs. Now, the first thing that needs to be done is for Nash to be brought back and the plan to actually be something that Triple H and others want to do.

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