Innocent Teenage Shooting Victim Was Actually A Criminal Killed In Botched Robbery

A beautiful Fort Worth, Texas teenager shot dead last month was reportedly no innocent victim. Authorities are now saying that the girl was gunned down in a robbery gone wrong.

Claudia Hidic, 17, was found face down dead near the back door of a man’s home in a Fort Worth neighborhood on June 28th according to the Star-Telegram. The back door to the home had been kicked in, and Hidic’s death from a gunshot wound to the head was ruled a homicide. Though friends and family are mourning the tragic loss of a beautiful and spirited young girl, police are now saying that she had actually organized a robbery that went wrong, ending in gunshots, and resulting in her death.

A source close to the investigation said that she master-minded the robbery, and convinced 21-year-olds Curtis Fortenberry and Terrance Crumley to assist her. One of them was armed. Hidic had been to the house in question before, leading her to specifically choose that residence, reports NY Daily. They entered the residence from the back door, but six people were home. After gunfire erupted, four women were seen fleeing from the home.

Hidic and the two men purposefully “engaged in criminal activity after planning and coordinating a robbery… against the occupants inside,” reported local NBC affiliate KCEN-TV. “It’s concerning this goes on in the neighborhood but it does give us peace of mind that perhaps there’ll be some closure and the people who perpetrated this are off the street,” said one local resident.

Both pf Hidic’s accomplices are in police custody and have been charged with felony murder. They are being held on $100,000 bond.

A Facebook page crafted as a memorial after Hidic’s death has since been filled with incredulous messages from friends, many baffled by the suggestion that Hidic was perpetrating a crime when she was killed. “The rest of what they are saying just doesn’t seem true or at least I hope it’s not,” one friend wrote. “What in the WORLD are they saying???” wrote another. “Sounds like a setup to me!”

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