Heartbroken Texas Father Of Murdered Lesbian Daughter Demands Justice

A few days ago, we brought you the heartbreaking story of a south Texas shooting of a teenage lesbian couple. Now, the heartbroken father of one of the teens is demanding justice for the death of his daughter.

Mario Olgin said that 19-year-old Mollie, his daughter, didn’t deserve to die. She was shot in the head with her girlfriend in a Portland park and dumped in a patch of tall grass by an unknown shooter or shooters. “There was no reason to take her life the way they did,” Olgin said. Mollie’s girlfriend, Mary Kristene Chapa, was also shot, but survived and is in stable condition at the local hospital.

Police still have no suspects.

Although it has been rumored that the couple were targeted due to their sexual orientation, police Chief Randy Wright said there was no evidence that “the attacks were motivated by that relationship.” Still, investigators haven’t ruled out the possibility that the shooting was a hate crime, notes NY Daily. The fabled Texas Rangers have offered their assistance in the investigation. “We offered our assistance and they accepted and we have been actively involved in the investigation since Sunday,” Tom Vinger, spokesman for Texas Department of Public Safety, told MSNBC.

According to friends and family, no one condemned their relationship. “Mollie was one of the sweetest girls I ever knew, and from the sounds of it so is Kristene,” said Jillian Manuel, a friend of Olgin’s. “So we’re trying to figure out why someone would just do that because Portland is a safe community.”

Mario Olgin says he does feel comforted that his daughter is in “a better place.” Calling her his “guardian angel,” he said “She was happy,” continuing, “She didn’t need for her life to end the way it did. Justice will be served.”