‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad And Belle Grow Closer, Abby Gets Shockers, And Tragedy Is About To Hit Salem Again

This should be a wild week of episodes on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers tease that there is another tragedy on the way, but there are some sweet moments as well. What can fans expect from Monday’s episode as the week of December 28 gets started?

As viewers saw last week, Chad had been brainwashed by Andre, and he is following orders by trying to get closer to Belle. Abigail has been in disbelief over his sudden decision to break up with her, and she is not going to walk away without an understanding of what happened. Things continue to move ahead on this storyline during Monday’s episode.

She Knows Soaps shares that Chad and Belle will be spending time together during Monday’s episode, and he makes a move to take things a step further. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that he will kiss her, and she will be a bit shocked by this. While fans hearing about this storyline initially would have likely thought that Belle wouldn’t have an interest in Chad, it seems that he may be successful in charming her.

Abigail is said to have a chat with Marlena to try to decipher what is driving Chad’s behavior. Marlena may not know exactly what happened, but she does know that something happened during her session with Chad, and that may give Abby just what she needed to keep digging into this situation.

Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that this is going to be a challenging week for Abigail. Baby Thomas faces a medical crisis on Tuesday’s show, and she will soon learn that Thomas’ father is not Ben. In addition, Soap Central shares that Abby is also going to catch Chad and Belle in bed together this week. In the midst of all of that, she will be trying to get Chad to believe Thomas is his son.

While this storyline may be frustrating for “Chabby” fans, there is said to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The two will soon bond together to topple his family, and they are going to have some very joyous moments together not too far down the road. Actor Billy Flynn, who plays Chad, has been urging Chabby fans to hang on and have some faith that they will ultimately get what they want.

Also ahead in Monday’s episode, Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Hope will be making progress in uncovering the party responsible for Bo’s kidnapping. She thought she had a solid lead in Malcolm, but his death shook up her ability to pin down the details. From the sounds of things, her investigation will soon lead her to have an epic battle with Stefano DiMera, and some suspect this could have an explosive ending.

Viewers will see more drama between Theresa and Kate on Monday’s show, and Wednesday’s episode brings the big Basic Black re-launch. Which of these ladies will come out of the show looking like a winner? It sounds as if despite all of the drama, Theresa will end up doing well during the show.

Later in the week, viewers will finally see a big conflict that has been teased for some time now. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that there is an accident on New Year’s Eve and that this will impact many throughout Salem. The weekly preview shows a car accident that seemingly involves Jennifer, but it has long been rumored that Daniel would be involved as well.

Although Jennifer is the focus of the spoiler preview, Days of Our Lives spoilers do point toward Daniel as the ultimate victim, as Nicole has to say goodbye to him during the January 6 show. Just what happens in this accident? Many have suspected that Eric will be driving drunk and will cause an accident that kills Daniel.

It is known that both Shawn Christian, who plays Daniel, and Greg Vaughan, who plays Eric, are leaving the show soon. Tidbits for the week share that someone will have to make a heartbreaking decision related to this accident. Some fans are buzzing over the idea that perhaps Maggie will have to make a choice between saving Daniel or Jennifer, ultimately keeping Jenn alive but saying goodbye to Daniel. However, this is just speculation at this point, and things may play out differently.

Viewers will see Chloe return in the wake of the accident, and this tragedy clearly will send shockwaves throughout Salem. Stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives spoilers as the drama begins in Monday’s episode and continues over the next few weeks.

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