New Duggar Courtships? Joseph Duggar Cozies Up To Carlin Bates, Joy-Anna Duggar Posts Video With Lawson Bates

Duggar fans have been getting their fill of their favorite conservative family as the family’s new three-part series, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, has aired this holiday season. However, the future of the Duggar family’s place on the TLC network is not all that fans will have left to ponder. It appears the Duggar family teamed up with the Bates family for a Christmas celebration this year that has left many Duggar and Bates fans wondering if a Duggar-Bates courtship is on the horizon. In fact, during the celebrations, Joseph Duggar was seen in a family video looking extremely cozy with Carlin Bates. Meanwhile, Joy-Anna Duggar was featured in one of Lawson Bates’ Youtube videos as the pair sang “Blue Christmas” together.

Lawson Bates posted a number of videos to his social media accounts this week showing the Duggar family and Bates family spending time together for the holiday season. The video below shows Lawson singing “Blue Christmas” with Joy-Anna and Jason in the Duggar family home.

In addition to the Youtube video, images of Lawson Bates spending time with Joy-Anna Duggar have also appeared on Josiah Duggar’s social media accounts. The image shows Josiah sitting in between Lawson and Joy-Anna on a couch during the Christmas celebrations.

However, it wasn’t just Joy-Anna spending time with a member of the opposite sex from the Bates family. Joseph Duggar was also seen in a video getting very cozy with Carlin Bates. The video, which was previously posted by Amy Duggar King to her Instagram account, shows her gift to the Duggar family, which was a Jenga game. However, it isn’t the falling blocks that caught the attention of fans. Instead, Duggar and Bates followers were turning their heads to what was happening in the background of the video.

It was quickly pointed out that Joseph Duggar and Carlin Bates were sitting extremely close to one another considering the Duggar’s conservative views on dating and courtship. The pair are sitting next to one another on a coach that had plenty of open spaces and Carlin appeared to be wearing a backwards baseball cap that some say may belong to Joseph.

It seems that Amy King quickly realized that her video was causing a series of rumors regarding a potential Duggar-Bates courtship, and the video was removed from her account. However, the damage was already done, as numerous screenshots of the close encounter between Joseph and Carlin were already making their way across social media.

Though it looks as though Carlin and Joseph are becoming increasingly close to one another, there is no official word from the Duggar family on a courtship. In fact, some fans believe that Carlin is too young for Joseph and not old enough to enter such a serious courtship. Carlin Bates is currently 17-years-old, whereas, Joseph Duggar is 20. With just a three year age gap, it could be that Joseph is forming a relationship with Carlin now so that when she turns 18 the pair could move forward with a formal courtship should they continue to remain close.

Joseph Duggar will have plenty of time to get to know Carlin more as he is currently attending The Crown College in Knoxville, Tennessee, which is located just a short distance from the Bates’ family home. In fact, rumors previously circulated that Joseph Duggar was courting Tori Bates, Carlin’s older sister, after the pair were spotted together at The Crown College where she also attends.

What do you think about a potential Duggar-Bates courtship?

[Image via Instagram]