Village In Italy Goes On Sale For $3 Million

If your dream is to own a Tuscan home among Italy’s beautiful hills you might want to consider throwing down $3.1 million and purchased an entire village.

According to the Telegraph the 800-year-old village of Pratariccia has been listed on auction site eBay at a cost that is rather respectable for an entire Italian village. Vacant since the 1960s the town needs a lot of work, for instance most of its 25 homes are run-down and grass, weeds and other acts of nature have taken over.

The village is located close to Florence, Italy which means the future buyer of the town could find themselves with a private location close to a major Italian city.

The town which is current owned by a monastic order was originally listed for $6.3 million however to bids to buy the town eventually fell through and the price was adjusted.

The village is listed on eBay’s classified section instead of the bidding section.

Business Insider says of the village:

It lies next to rolling hills, villages with medieval castles, and a national park containing the Arno River.

The trend of selling towns and villages has become popular over the last year, you may recall that in the United States the town of Buford, Wyoming recently sold for $900,000 after the towns lone resident sold the town, him home and its only gas station to a pair of investors.

Unlike Buford, this $3.1 million town is located in Italy which we are pretty sure is a bigger tourist destination than Wyoming.