America’s “Smallest Town” Sells For $900,000 At Auction`

Buford, Wyoming, billed as America’s smallest town with a population of “1” has been sold to a pair of Vietnamese businessmen.

As we previously reported the town was to be sold at auction and on Thursday the final price for the town came in at $900,000, a price far higher than originally expected.

The new owners have chosen not to be identified at this time and they have not laid out their plans for the town which is located just off Interstate 80 and features its own gas station, three-bedroom home and 10 acres of land.

With his town finally sold longtime resident Don Sammons is packing up and heading to Colorado so he can be closer to his son.

Speaking about the sale Sammons told AP:

“I felt my time here has been very happy for me, and hopefully the new owner will be able to enjoy what I’ve enjoyed over the years—conversations with people, the uniqueness of the area and so on—and keep the history alive.”

In the meantime Don plans to write a book that will chronicle his time as the town’s mayor. We’re hoping the book will include fights he has had with the towns pesky resident.

The winner bidders not only receive an operational gas station, they’ll earn a little bit of monthly annually thanks to a cellular tower located on the towns land.

For now we are just trying to rack our brains to figure out what in the world a pair of Vietnamese businessman could want with a tiny little town in the middle of Wyoming.

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