Caleb Reynolds Joins ‘Survivor,’ Spoilers Reveal How Far He Makes It

Tonight a season of Survivor came to an end and now the announcement is out about who will be on the upcoming season. Everyone is talking about the fact that Caleb Reynolds of Big Brother is officially on the cast. Entertainment Weekly shared about Caleb joining the cast and also former NBA player Scot Pollard being on the upcoming season. Pollard is six-foot, 11-inches tall and so it won’t be easy for him to keep his past a secret. It is time for season 32 of Survivor.

Caleb Reynolds is not the first person from Big Brother to join the cast of Survivor. Fan favorite Hayden Moss played a few seasons back. If you don’t remember, Caleb Reynolds is known as Beast Mode Cowboy and could actually end up being called that on the show. Caleb is also known for his cowboy hat that hopefully he brought along with him. He was announced on this season as an Army veteran as well.

Caleb will be joining season 32, which is Survivor: Kaoh Rong, and so far Jeff Probst has only announced a few of the cast members. The rest will come out in January, when CBS decides that they are ready to reveal them.

Hollywood Hills is already sharing a few spoilers about the upcoming season and how things with Caleb Reynolds will go down. It will take place in Cambodia, just like they did this season. Caleb’s season has already filmed of course, so spoilers are out and rumors were flying that Reynolds had joined the cast. Caleb will be part of a tribe that is all about beauty. You would easily assume that Reynolds would be part of the brawn team, but for some reason they went with his looks instead. This season is “Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty.”

Caleb Reynold’s team will consist of 19-year-old Boston University student Julia Sokolowski, 25-year-old travel consultant Michele Fitzgerald, 30-year-old former RHAP blogger Nick Maiorano, and 51-year-old gardener Tai Trang according to spoilers.

Survivor Sucks shared back in June exactly how far Caleb Reynolds will make it on Survivor. You will not want to keep reading if you don’t want to know the spoilers. There will actually be three people that end up getting medically evacuated on the show this season and spoilers say Caleb is one of them. That shows that he doesn’t make it to the end, but Caleb is obviously doing fine because he is posting all over social networks. This is the most medical evacuations they have ever had in a season of Survivor.

Sources say that Caleb Reynolds was taken out of the game because of heat exhaustion and that he was air lifted out of the game. This obviously wouldn’t be the way that Caleb wanted his time on Survivor to end, but that is the case according to spoilers. Everyone will just have to wait and see how it all goes down for him.

Reality Blurred shared that Mark Burnett did confirm that they had three medical evacuations, but of course doesn’t confirm who they are or that Caleb is one of them. Here is what Mark said about contestants being pushed too far.

“On Survivor — a lot. Last season, we had three evacuations, the most ever in a season. It was the humidity, cuts, people getting infected and then trying so hard on the challenges. But we tend to show most things. As a producer you get worried, but [host] Jeff Probst runs the show, and I know if my phone’s ringing at 3 or 4 a.m., it’s Jeff and it’s not a good phone call.”

Are you surprised to hear that Caleb Reynolds will be on the upcoming season of Survivor? Do you think that he is a good fit for the show? Sound off in the comments below. Don’t miss the new season of Survivor when it starts airing in February on CBS.

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