‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ben’s Wrath Causes Terror, Abigail And Chad Scramble, And Hope Shocks Roman

Fans will not want to miss Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers tease that Abigail and Chad’s fate will be revealed while everybody scrambles to find Ben and the baby. There is more regarding Hope on the way, as she is about to make a big decision after her interrogation of Dr. Malcolm. What can viewers expect from the December 7 show?

As We Love Soaps shares, Chad and Abigail will be frantic to escape the burning cabin. Ben set it on fire and ran off with the baby, and in his diabolical rage he seems intent on leaving Abby and Chad to die. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Chad will manage to carry Abby out of the cabin, and they are soon found.

Thanks to Chad’s insistence that something was wrong, there are several others scrambling to find the cabin and stop Ben’s rampage. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Chad and Abigail will be found and taken to the hospital, while JJ and Lani scramble to find Ben. It seems that it will not take too terribly long to find Ben, as he is said to make some kind of mistake that leads to his capture.

While Ben is found fairly quickly, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he will not have the baby with him. The baby is stashed away at a motel somewhere, it seems, and it doesn’t sound as if Ben will be terribly anxious to cooperate with bringing the baby home. As the week continues, he will reveal the baby’s location, but teasers indicate that he may not be honest with what he reveals.


Also ahead on Monday’s show, Hope will be facing the aftermath of holding a gun to Dr. Malcolm’s head. According to Soap Central, Rafe will pull Roman into the mix as he is concerned about Hope’s single-minded determination to get revenge no matter the cost. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Hope will surprise Roman by giving her resignation. He is said not to accept it, but he will insist that Hope take a leave of absence for a bit.

Monday’s DOOL episode is also said to include a bit with Theo. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he gets a cruel text of some sort that leaves him confused and crushed. So far, nothing more is known on this front, but its significance will surely be revealed during the December 7 show.


As the week continues, Hope and Malcolm will come to terms on a deal of some sort. However, there are said to be twists and turns on the way. There are also two big returns to Salem this week. Ava Vitali shows up in town, and Days of Our Lives spoilers have indicated that she is coordinating efforts with Joey. While Joey simply wants his parents back together, Ava’s agenda is surely much more sinister. She has always been vicious in her pursuit of Steve, and fans can be sure she has a troublesome plan as she returns to town.

Also returning to Salem this week is Philip Kiriakis. He’ll now be played by John-Paul Lavoisier, known by many for his time as Rex on One Life to Live. Philip’s return is definitely going to shake things up on multiple fronts. As Chad comforts Abigail, Steve and Kayla embrace romance. There are said to still be a great many twists and turns ahead this month, and Days of Our Lives fans can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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