Gwen Stefani Pregnant? ‘The Voice’ Star Accused Of Milking Gavin Rossdale Divorce As She Faces Ongoing Rumors

Gwen Stefani, who has been targeted by pregnancy rumors in the weeks since she and Blake Shelton went public with their romance, is facing yet another accusation. Although The Voice star doesn’t appear to be pregnant and Shelton has openly joked about the off-the-wall rumor, a new source claims she’s using her divorce from Gavin Rossdale to drum up ratings for her NBC series.

In addition to releasing her new single, “Used To Love You,” earlier this month, Gwen Stefani recently performed the song, which spoke of her split from Rossdale, on The Voice, and during the show, she was seen breaking down in tears as Shelton sat in the audience.

Following a report by OK! Magazine, via Hollywood Life, which claimed Gwen Stefani had gone to the doctor and alleged Shelton was excited to be a dad, a second source has spoken out, stating that Gavin Rossdale is reportedly fed up with his ex-wife for milking the drama surrounding their August 2015 split.

“Gavin is so over [Gwen Stefani]’s forced tears,” the source explained Hollywood Life on December 1. “He thinks she’s totally milking the whole divorce drama when she’s on stage and acting like she’s so heartbroken and devastated. He just doesn’t buy it.”

“[Gwen Stefani] is on cloud nine with Blake and she’s just trying to milk the divorce for all its worth to make Gavin look like a jerk. They ended things a long time ago and Gavin thinks [Gwen Stefani] is in it for the ratings and of course to get sympathy from others, including all of their famous friends.”

Gwen Stefani and her former partner announced their split in August, but according to an Us Weekly report, their marital troubles began in February, when Gwen Stefani was informed of inappropriate messages sent between her then-husband and their former nanny. At the time, Mann was immediately fired, but Rossdale initially denied the rumored three-year affair. Instead, he insisted, he and the nanny were just flirting. Months later, however, Rossdale reportedly admitted to sleeping with Mann, and Gwen Stefani opted for divorce.

While Hollywood Life‘s source claimed Gwen Stefani was using her split from Rossdale to increase viewership on The Voice, that doesn’t appear to be what’s happening. Instead, according to a Radar Online report, the number of viewers tuning in has dropped since Gwen Stefani and her new boyfriend, Shelton, went public, and she released her new song.

“The hit NBC show started the season off strong, winning the ratings war on Monday nights with the premiere episode pulling in 12.3 million viewers on September 21, 2015,” Radar Online reported last week.

Then, the week after Gwen Stefani was spotted at a Halloween party with Shelton, prior to their official relationship reveal, the ratings impressed once again. However, at the end of last month, following a plethora of news and rumors regarding Gwen Stefani, her divorce, her new man, and his previous marriage to Miranda Lambert, viewers of The Voice appeared to lose interest.

“The Monday, November 23, 2015, show was a season low, pulling in just 10.29 million viewers, despite the dynamic duo flaunting their affection for each other,” the report explained.

Throughout the last few weeks, Gwen Stefani have made their feelings for one another completely clear, and even when The Voice cameras are around, they haven’t hid a thing. Unfortunately, however, while many show-mances resulted in increased ratings, that doesn’t appear to be the case for The Voice.

[Photo via Gwen Stefani/Instagram]