Harry Styles: Coldplay’s Chris Martin Has A ‘Mancrush’ On 1D Star

It seems that One Direction star Harry Styles has a new admirer. Just days after E! online reported that Amber Rose had the hots for Harry, it appears that it isn’t just the girls who lust after the handsome heart-throb. Coldplay front-man Chris Martin has revealed that he has something of a mancrush on Styles. Martin joined the very long list of Harry Styles admirers after seeing him at Sunday’s American Music Awards.

As was reported by Inquisitr, Styles rocked up to the glittering awards event on Sunday dressed to impress. Harry wore a floral print Gucci designer suit that certainly made him stand out from the crowd. Not everyone was kind about Harry’s look. Some said that it looked like it was made from an IKEA bedspread, whilst others claimed that Harry’s suit matched their grandmothers’ wallpaper.

According to British tabloid, the Daily Star it wasn’t Harry’s suit that Chris Martin admired. The Coldplay star joined half of the One Direction fandom by obsessing over Harry’s luscious locks.

Martin also admitted to coming over all fanboy when he met the lovely Selena Gomez and admitted that he struggled to decide whether Selena or Harry was the most beautiful of the two stars. In the end, Martin admitted to a Harry Styles “mancrush” and explained that it was Harry’s hair that won the day.

“We saw One Direction on Sunday. Harry’s hair – it’s very attractive, even I got a little confused. And I met Selena Gomez and she’s so great and lovely, I felt so happy, like I was 12.”

“[Harry’s hair] has got to the length where I’m like, ‘So, who looks better out of Selena and him?’”

Harry’s hair seems to have become a tabloid staple these days. When Harry wears his now famous “man-bun” it is all over the gossip columns. Capital FM even ran a recent feature on Harry’s hair through the years.

While Chris Martin was obsessing over Harry’s hair, Styles joined his One Direction band-mates for the hop from L.A. to Mexico City for the latest stop on their promotional tour for Made In The A.M., their recently released fifth album. Daily Mail reports that there is no sign that One Direction’s star is fading in Mexico. Harry and the rest of the band were greeted by huge crowds at their hotel and prior to their TV appearance.

In Mexico, Harry toned down his look by reverting to his trademark skinny jeans, paired with a Rolling Stones T-shirt. Harry and the rest of One Direction looked happy and relaxed despite the relentless schedule they have faced since the new One Direction album dropped on November 13.

As every One Direction fan will know, Harry and the boys topped the chart in the U.K., and Made In The A.M. became the U.K.’s fastest selling record of the year. On the run-up to the record release, much was made of the fact that One Direction and Justin Bieber were releasing their albums on the same day. Harry and his pals were always going to be in a race for the top spot. The rivalry ended in an honorable tie, as Justin topped the Billboard chart.


Whilst the press made much of the rivalry, it didn’t seem that Harry and Justin were too bothered about it. Styles and Bieber even swapped clothes, though Bieber did say that he thought Harry “pulls off this look better than I do”.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]