‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ Spoilers: Have The Final 3 Castaways Been Leaked?

Viewers are dying to see just who manages to outwit, outplay, and outlast on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chances. Spoilers are floating around that are being met with plenty of speculation, but with each passing episode, the teasers are looking slightly more solid. Is the Season 31 bootlist floating around going to pan out to be accurate? Just who are the final three castaways going to be based on the Survivor spoilers making the rounds?

This is an interesting season of the CBS staple, given the premise of having castaways who have all played before but never won. The viewers voted on these castaways, and it makes for some engaging alliances and dynamics. Quite a few castaways have been booted, and the merge has taken place. What Survivor Cambodia spoilers are available regarding how the rest of Season 31 plays out?

There has been a lot of talk on the Survivor Sucks forum about a supposed Season 31 bootlist. This list of Second Chances eliminations came forth a bit mysteriously and first emerged very early in the season. It was met with enormous skepticism from other Survivor spoiler fans, but with each Tribal Council, it gains a bit of support.

This supposed Survivor spoiler bootlist first emerged within the first couple of episodes of Season 31. There had already been some speculation about the first eliminated contestant, so many were dubious as the list first emerged. However, now that the tribes have merged and quite a few Tribal Councils have been held, many are finding it interesting that the list has held up, especially given one or two shocking eliminations.

It is certainly worth noting that the Survivor spoiler bootlist is said to be “mostly accurate,” and people definitely expect either some mistakes to come into play in the middle section of the season or for it to fall apart completely very soon. However, some Survivor Cambodia: Second Chances fans are seeing the potential for the final three noted on the list to be accurate based on how things seem to be progressing.

Just which castaways supposedly make the final Tribal Council? Per the supposed Survivor spoiler bootlist floating around, that would be Jeremy Collins, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox. The person who put the bootlist together claims that Jeremy wins, but pinpointing a Survivor winner ahead of time given how protected those final votes are isn’t necessarily reliable or easy to accomplish.

The bootlist also says that Kelley Wentworth goes out fourth, Kimmi Kappenberg is fifth, and Abi-Maria Gomes finishes in sixth place, with all of them getting family visits. As for the eliminations now that the merge has happened and the eliminated castaways go to the jury, Survivor spoilers claim that Stephen Fishbach, Kelly Wiglesworth, Ciera Eastin, Andrew Savage, Joe Anglim, and Keith Nale are facing a snuffed torch in that order.

The Survivor spoiler fans on Reddit have been pouring over the same supposed bootlist, and the skepticism is intense over there as well. A solid number of show fans are speculating that while the first seven boots were clearly accurate, the middle may be a mess and the final three may indeed be correct. The person who originally shared the list indicated that the information came from someone with Season 31 jury knowledge, but nothing more than that has been pinned down.

The rumored list of those lasting until near the end does vary a bit from early rumors, but there are some interesting similarities. Should the eliminations start falling off the course detailed on the bootlist in these next few episodes, many will be fully discounting the rest of the list, though it is hard to argue seven straight accurate elimination Survivor spoilers.

Will Tasha Fox, Spencer Bledsoe, and Jeremy Collins really end up being the final three castaways on Season 31? Will the Survivor Cambodia: Second Chances spoilers from the supposed bootlist actually be accurate? It’s been quite some time since a fully accurate elimination list surfaced, and fans will be very interested to see when and if this list falls apart.

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