Three Massive Alien Mothership UFOs Parked In Orbit Around Earth’s Sun — UFOs Fire Energy Beams At Sun, UFO Hunters Say [Photos]

Online UFO hunters say they have found three massive mothership UFOs in orbit around our Sun and firing energy beams into its fiery atmosphere. The massive UFOs allegedly orbiting our Sun were found in an image of our local star snapped by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite.

According to the prolific UFO hunter, UFOvni2012, in a YouTube uploaded online on November 9, 2015, three massive alien UFOs in orbit around the Sun and shooting energy beams into the solar atmosphere were observed in a new image of the Sun snapped by NASA’s SOHO satellite on November 8 and 9, 2015.

A YouTube UFO enthusiasat argues that the obviously “classic flying saucer-like symmetrical” shape of the objects prove that they are UFOs and not incidental flaws in the digital photos.

“I’ve seen that… it looks like a ship with its classic flying saucer-like symmetrical design,” the UFO hunter writes. “It’s too obvious to be anything else, and it is not the only time that same UFO has been captured shooting a beam near the sun. Glitches don’t have symmetrical shapes and nether do meteors.”

“With its classic flying saucer-like symmetrical design it’s too obvious to be anything else … glitches don’t have symmetrical shapes and neither do meteors.”

The latest UFO sightings in NASA’s SOHO photos have sparked a debate among members of the online UFO community. UFO enthusiasts are debating why so many alien UFOs are gathered around the Sun and firing beams into its atmosphere.

UFOs Fire Energy Beam At Sun
Massive Alien Motherships Orbit Our Sun, Fire Energy Beam Into Sun’s Atmosphere [Image via UFOvni2012 / YouTube]
Noting that the UFOS have different shapes and sizes, UFO Sightings Hotspot suggests they were probably searching for a portal to another dimension or trying to harvest energy from the Sun.

“Could it be they are looking for a portal or perhaps to harvest something from the Sun?”

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring believes that the alien UFOs belong to a highly-advanced alien race, whose science and technology are far more advanced that ours. He suggests that the UFOs were firing beams into the Sun with the intention of trapping “special particles that only the Sun can create.”

According to Waring, the “special particles” that the alien UFOs were collecting from the Sun’s atmosphere are unknown to human scientists, and they are several times more powerful than particles known to humans.

“The ships have massive beams of energy emitting from them,” he says. “The beams are obviously used for gathering special particles that only the sun can create. These particles are yet undiscovered by our scientists on Earth. Imagine an energy that is 100X more powerful than what we thought the sun was emitting.”

Waring then speculates bizarrely that the alien beings flying the UFOs are not from an alien star system but are probably from Venus or Saturn, “so… it’s their sun too.”

Needless to say, we have no evidence of alien life on Venus and Saturn, let alone advanced life forms that build massive UFO ships capable of withstanding the intense heat of the Sun.

UFOs Fires Energy Beam At Sun
UFO Mothership In Orbit Aroud The Sun Fires Energy Beam Into Solar Atmosphere [Image via UFOvni2012 / YouTube]
A reader, Louise Young, reacts to Waring’s speculation, saying, “Why don’t you let other people come to their own conclusions rather than encouraging emotive speculation that may very well be completely wrong?”

Other UFO enthusiasts speculated that the aliens were probably conducting experiments by firing the beams into the Sun’s atmosphere and observing the effects, such as particles generated when the energy beams hit the Sun’s atmosphere.

SOHO Image Our The Sun
SOHO Image Of Our Sun [Image via UFOvni2012 / YouTube]
This is similar to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider experiments, where scientists create new novel particles by accelerating and colliding particles.

However, the consensus in the UFO community is that alien UFOs approach the Sun’s atmosphere and park in orbit around the Sun to harvest solar energy. Despite Waring’s speculation that the UFOs belong to aliens from Venus or Saturn, UFO hunters generally believe the UFOs that visit our Sun to harvest energy come from alien stars hosting planets populated by alien races with advanced energy-hungry technological civilizations.

This is not the first time that UFOvni2012 has reported sighting UFOs around our Sun. The online UFO hunter reported on December, 2014, the sighting of a UFO near our Sun firing an energy beam into its atmosphere (see video above).

[Image via UFOvni2012 / YouTube / UFO Sightings Daily]

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