Multiple Moon-Sized UFOs Spotted Orbiting Our Sun In NASA SOHO Images, According To UFOlogists

UFO hunters claim they have spotted multiple moon-sized UFOs rendezvousing around our Sun in Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) images of the Sun captured on July 19 and July 20, 2015.

Near-real-time images from NASA’s SOHO satellite in a halo orbit around the Sun have proved powerful research aids for eagle-eyed UFO hunters seeking what they consider evidence of UFO activity around our Sun.

And going by the claims of UFO hunters, our Sun is a favorite hang-out for massive alien UFOs from other star systems.

UFO hunters have often reported sighting huge UFO “motherships” flying into the Sun’s hellish atmosphere or blasting out of its crushing gravitation field.

Close-Up: UFO Spotted Around Sun In NASA SOHO Image

A recent interesting sighting by YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1 occurred in March. UFOlogist Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, suggested at the time that the UFO, described as having an intricate “articulated design,” was built by a very advanced technological civilization.

Close-Up: UFO Spotted Orbiting Sun In NASA SOHO Image

In the latest sighting, YouTube UFO hunter Myunhauzen74 claims that “various types of UFOs” can be seen orbiting the Sun in the NASA SOHO images. UFO hunters believe that types of UFOs that are able to approach a star very closely without combusting due to the heat of the star are built by relatively very advanced technological civilizations.

The images apparently show the various UFOs, including a square UFO and others with more complex structures. UFOlogist Scott Waring claimed he spotted a UFO base “inside the Sun.” (see image below).

Massive UFO Spotted Around The Sun

UFO hunters often ask why massive alien UFOs tend to be attracted to our Sun. One of the most popular explanations is that advanced technological civilizations are harvesting energy from our Sun.

The theory goes that two types of technologically advanced civilizations — Type II and Type III civilizations — park massive “motherships” in the Sun’s atmosphere to refuel or harvest energy.

Civilizations at the Type II and Type III levels require prodigious amounts of energy, thus, they might choose to harvest energy directly from stars. The amount of energy that a civilization needs is an indication of the level of its technological development. A Type III civilization is more advanced than a Type II civilization and thus consumes more energy.

“A Type II civilization is one that is able to harness or utilize the entire energy radiated by its star on the energy scale 4×10p33 erg/sec (4×10p26 watts) comparable to our sun’s luminosity, according to Guillermo A. Lemarchand.”

“An advanced Type II civilization would be able to harness all energy radiated by a few stars in its neighborhood.”

“A Type III civilization on the Kardashev scale is one that is able to harness or utilize energy on the galaxy scale, that is, on the energy scale 4×10p44 erg/sec (4×10p37 watts), equivalent to the luminosity of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, according to Lemarchand.”

Our civilization has not yet reached the Type I level as defined on the Kardashev scale, so we are still at a relatively primitive stage of technological advancement.

“According to the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, we would likely attain to Type I status in the next one to two centuries. We could attain to Type II in a few thousand years and Type III in 100,000 to one million years.”

[images: SOHO; YouTube via UFO Sightings Daily]

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