Incredible 'Butterfly' TR3B-Type Alien UFO Caught On Video By Father And Son Is The 'Best UFO Evidence Ever'

A father and son pair has reportedly captured stunning footage showing a TR3B-type triangle UFO with a bizarre butterfly shape flying in the sky near the Ohio-Kentucky border.

According to the YouTube UFO hunters Secureteam10, who uploaded the footage to YouTube on October 26, 2015, the aerodynamic, triangle-shaped alien UFO was captured on Saturday, October 24 by a father and son pair --identified as Tom (dad) and Christopher (son) -- as they were leaving a restaurant in an undisclosed location near the border of Ohio and Kentucky at about 7 p.m. (local time).

The pair was also able to snap stunningly clear photographs of the triangle TR3B-Type UFO that have sent enthusiasts into a tizzy.

Express draws attention to the "butterfly" shape of the black UFO spotting bright lights on its underbelly. The strange craft moves slowly across the sky in eerie silence like a stealth reconnaissance craft.

Rows of windows and chambers with glowing lights can be seen along the body of the UFO, and it exhibits clearly otherworldly characteristics, according to the witnesses.

Express writes that Tyler Glockner, who runs the Securteam10 YouTube channel, said, "The father and son both described the craft as eerily silent. There are rows of windows, chambers, glowing lights and other characteristics that simply don't jive with anything you can imagine on Earth. If you can look at this and convince yourself, hey it's just one of ours... aliens are not visiting us, well whatever it takes for you to sleep at night. This is simply amazing footage, one more piece to the puzzle; I can lay my head knowing we have not been alone for some time."

Butterfly UFO Over Ohio-Kentucky Border
Footage Shows 'Butterfly' UFO Flying Over Ohio-Kentucky Border, UFO Hunters Say [Image via Secureteam10/Facebook]

Are alien scouts checking out our world ahead of an invasion?

According to Tom and Christopher, about five minutes after they filmed the strange alien craft, two military helicopters zoomed across the sky, apparently to investigate the mysterious UFO phenomenon.

The father and son pair reported they were stunned to see the "two military helicopters" as they drove away from the scene of the sighting. But they were unable to snap photos of the helicopters because they appeared unexpectedly and flew out of sight too quickly.

The stunningly clear footage of an alleged UFO has sparked excitement in the online UFO community. The footage has gone viral, with UFO enthusiasts saying it is possibly the clearest alien UFO footage ever caught on camera. Some have even declared that this could be the long-awaited proof of alien UFO activity in the Earth's atmosphere.

"Wow, best shot of a UFO I have ever seen."

"I wonder what would happen if this is shown to local news media outlets. Show this to the state governor? State reps? I think maybe sometime soon we should start displaying our videos to them to get them to maybe take some sort of action?"

And according to Secureteam10, the latest find strengthens the belief among members of the UFO community that alien and UFO disclosure by government agencies is imminent.

The Illuminati-controlled governments of the world could not hope to continue hiding the truth indefinitely with damming evidence emerging every day on the alien, UFO, and conspiracy theory blogosphere, enthusiasts argue.

Best UFO Footage Ever?
Is The Best UFO Footage Ever? UFO Hunters Say Butterfly TR3B-Type UFO Filmed Over Ohio-Kentucky Border [Image via Secureteam10/Facebook]

According to conspiracy theorists, the alleged military helicopters could be proof that the government is aware of the activity of alien UFOs in U.S. airspace and that the authorities are concerned about it. But with allegations of military-technological alliance between the U.S. government and technologically advanced alien races, some conspiracy theorists believe that the incident could have been a joint exercise between the U.S. military and alien allies.

While UFO enthusiasts are nearly unanimous that this could be the clinching evidence of alien UFO activity on Earth, skeptical UFO researchers have raised doubts about the authenticity of the footage and photographs by pointing out that Secureteam10 has been known in the past to try to palm off computer generated images (CGI) as authentic UFO footage.

"This is fake, and here are the simple reasons why > - 2 mistakes you made were - 1) the camera shake is unnatural and computer generated! 2) For the size of the object, and slow speed its moving, the object disappears too quickly into the distance - tut, tut, tut, get someone better who knows how to do CGI. I'm a believer myself but this is disgraceful."

But Express reports that Tyler Glockner, who runs the Secureteam10 YouTube channel, has denied allegations that the footage is CGI.

"The reason I am calling this an alien craft rather than just a UFO is in the stunning detail, where we can see the true structural characteristics of this ship," Glockner said. "And guys, you take a look and tell me with a straight face this has anything to do with humans. The features on this thing don't make any sense."

TR3B-Type UFO Spotted Flying Over Ohio-Kentucky Border
Butterfly TR3B-Type UFO Spotted Over Ohio-Kentucky Border [Image via Secureteam10/Facebook]

"And guys you take a look and tell me with a straight face this has anything to do with humans. The features on this thing don't make any sense."

Some skeptics pointed out that judging from the shape of the alleged UFO craft it, could a "radio-controlled glider."

"It seems like a rc glider type of thing I couldn't see it being a manned craft."

But a viewer, who claims to be a raido-controlled glider designer, denied the suggestion.

"I design and fly rc planes... this is not one. Any pilot can look at this and tell it isn't a design made for aeronautics."

Others insisted that there was no reason to suppose it was not a man-made craft.

"Whilst I have no doubt that life exists elsewhere I would never underestimate the ingenuity of our own aerospace engineers," a viewer said. "I would also suggest it is foolhardy to assume that western nations have a monopoly on genius and design."

What do you think? Is this authentic UFO footage or CGI?

[Images via Secureteam10/Facebook]