Black Triangle UFO Abandoned On Moon By Alien Visitors Resembles USAF TR-3B Astra, UFO Hunters Say

UFO hunters say they have found an alien UFO on the moon that bears a striking resemblance to the legendary stealth reconnaissance TR-3B.

According to YouTube UFO hunters Secureteam10, images of the lunar surface obtained from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) mounted on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) reveal a TR3B-type UFO sitting in a lunar crater.

The UFO hunters provide the source images and coordinates here.

According to UFO Sightings Daily‘s Scott Waring, the sighting could be considered unremarkable because eagle-eyed UFO and space anomaly hunters have spotted hundreds of technologically advanced UFOs dumped on the lunar and Martian surfaces by alien visitors. Some UFO hunters even claim to have sighted an abandoned spacecraft on Ceres.

The TR-3B-Type UFO Was Found In A Crater On Top Of This Lunar Mound
Zooming In On The Crater

Waring thinks the TR-3B UFO might have been abandoned because the alien owners have developed more advanced models, or the ship might have crashed and sustained damage that made them unsalvageable.

“I have seen hundreds of them. Once… a few days before my Windows computer burnt out (black screened), I found a glass pyramid and near it was a golden ship 6 sided that was 24k gold in color. It also had deep carved writing on its surface… what looked like a single Chinese-like word. It was flat, but it was the most awesome thing.”

Close-Up View Of The Alleged TR3B-Type UFO On Lunar Surface
Image Colorized To Show UFO

But what is undeniably remarkable is the striking similarity of the latest alien ship spotted on the moon to TR-3B Black Triangles. This is not the first time that UFO hunters have claimed sighting of a TR-3B-type alien ship. The video below shows an alleged sighting on Ceres.

The video below shows an alleged sighting over Chicago.

The special interest in TR-3Bs arises from longstanding rumors about the existence of reconnaissance airplanes of the USAF under black projects. Although there is no proof or direct evidence of existence of the alleged spy planes such as the TR-3A Black Manta and the TR-3B Aurora or Astra, several black project conspiracy theorists claim to have sighted TR-3s in the California desert close to known military research and testing facilities, such as Edwards Air Force Base.

According to conspiracy theorists, the TR-3A Black Manta is a subsonic stealth spy plane designed by Northrop Gruman. The Black Manta was allegedly used in the Gulf War to guide F-117A Nighthawk bombers.

The TR-3B Astra is an even more mysterious UFO which some conspiracy theorists associate with the rumored USAF Aurora. Both UFOs fall into a class called Black Triangles.

The TR-3B Astra, which some believe is an advanced version of the TR-3B Aurora, is rumored to be the product of a secret program to develop a nuclear powered stealth craft.

Below is an artist’s impression of the TR-3B Astra.

TR-3B Astra
An Artist’s Impression Of The TR-3B Astra

Some YouTube users have tried to debunk the claim that what the LROC images show in the moon crater is a TR3B-type space ship. According to some skeptics, what the image shows is simply a depression on the lunar surface.

“Look at the first TR3B thing you see in the crater. As you can see it is just a hole crater, and that ‘triangle is being made due to the angle.”

But other viewers appear convinced that the image shows an object with the hallmarks of an artificially designed craft.

“I’m an aeronautical engineer and this has all the hallmarks of man-made design. Blended fuselage/wing, classic ‘wedge’ shape for hypersonic flight. Definitely man-made…”

The reader is free to form an independent opinion.

[Images: YouTube / Secureteam10]

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