Stoned Mom Leaves Baby On Roof Of Car, Drives Off

James Johnson

Catalina Clouser of Arizona won't be winning any mother of the year awards after she strapped her five-week-old baby into a car seat, placed her on top of her 2000 Ford Focus and then drove off, forgetting to move the child into the backseat.

The 19-year-old has now been charged with child abuse and aggravated DUI after she admitted to having smoked pot just before driving away with her child strapped to the roof.

After receiving a phone call at approximately 1 a.m. on Saturday morning Phoenix officials headed to the area of the incident and found the car seat in the middle of the road.

Officials from the Phoenix Fire Department took the child to a local hospital where they were listed as "perfectly OK" following the accident.

According to officials Catalina admitted to smoking marijuana with her boyfriend in a nearby park, they had left the area to go and purchase some beer at which point her boyfriend was arrested for an aggravated DUI and Clouster headed to her friends house.

The mother of the year did not realize her baby was missing until she reached her house at which point she called some friends and asked them to trace back her steps in search of the child. Clouser's friends found the baby in the car seat however police were already on the scene and after obtaining the name of the child's mother they placed her under arrest.

Do you think this child should be taken away from their mother permanently given her extremely bad judgement?