Amy Locane-Bovenizer of ‘Melrose Place’ charged with DUI manslaughter

Amy Locane-Bovenizer, who appeared for a time on the 90s primetime hit soap opera Melrose Place, has been indicted for a DUI-related death in Somerset County, New Jersey.

Locane-Bovenizer, 39, was allegedly driving drunk on June 27th in Montgomery Township when her SUV collided with the 2010 Mercury Milian of Helene and Fred Seeman. Fred Seeman was hospitalized, but his wife died of her injuries at the scene. Officers observed that Locane-Bovenizer’s eyes appeared glassy, and that her speech was slurred. She was taken to a local hospital and her blood was tested.

A lawyer for Locane-Bovenizer says the manslaughter charge is unwarranted:

“I didn’t think there was any basis in law or fact for the [aggravated manslaughter] charge,” Locane-Bovenizer’s lawyer, Blair Zwillman, told The Post yesterday. “The district attorney’s office is overreaching. We’re not surprised by the vehicular homicide charge . . . but they’re ratcheting it up by including a charge she wasn’t initially charged with . . . in which one of the elements is ‘reckless indifference to human life’ . . . which, to me, is utterly ridiculous.

“This is hardly such an act.”

Locane-Bovenizer is currently free on $50,000 bail.

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