Little Girl Underwater Or Jumping Into Water? Imgur Photo Gains 2.8 Million Views In Two Days

There is a new photo of a little girl enjoying the water of a swimming pool that has the Internet up in arms. The photo, which is titled “This girl looks like she’s underwater and jumping into water at the same time” on Imgur, has some folks thinking the girl is already underwater. Others point to her perfect hair and state it looks like she’s preparing to jump in the water. Still others point to the bubbles that must prove she’s underwater already. Another subset of folks are calling the whole thing Photoshop magic.

Either way, the Imgur photo by posted 2 days ago (approximately Thursday, September 24) has swelled in views, likes, and comments on the photo-sharing website. Within that short time, the photo of the little girl who some say is underwater while others say is over the water has gained nearly 3 million views. It has also gotten nearly 200 comments thus far from folks who believe either version of the truth.

As reported by the Independent, expect this photo of the little girl enjoying the water — either atop the surface of the swimming pool, while preparing to jump into it, or from the vantage point of already in the water — to become the new “white-gold” or “blue-black” dress controversy that swept the world wide web a short time ago.

Some are commenting that they even think the photo is a right-side up version of a little girl who is upside-down in the water.

What say you? Is the little girl underneath the water already? Is the little girl preparing to jump into the cool blue water?

Or do you think the whole thing is the work of an ingenious Photoshop creator?

Either way, various theories that try to explain the now-viral photo are flowing into the comments section on the site, which is popular with Reddit users.

“Her hair is dry. She is just jumping in a shallow pool and little droplets have flown around her looking like air bubbles.”

On either side of the debate, some folks are staunchly entrenched in their own viewpoints.

“Anybody who actually believes she’s underwater should be banned from accessing the internet for the rest of their lives.”

With the eyes of an investigative detective, people are examining the photo for clues as to the girl’s position in relation to the water. Most agree that the girl is adorable, whether she’s already in the water or not.

[Image via Imgur]