Niagara Falls Nightmare: Tourists Watch In Horror As Woman Goes Over Niagara Falls

Horrified tourists watched as a woman went over the edge at Prospect’s Point into Niagara Falls. A search and rescue effort is now underway for the woman who witnesses say appeared to “intentionally” go into the falls.

NBC News reports that at around 6:00 pm on Saturday, a woman went over Niagara Falls after appearing to enter the water “intentionally.” Those who witnessed the horrifying ordeal say it appears she was trying to “harm herself” and that it was not accidental. After the incident was reported, emergency crews descended upon the scene and immediately began a search and rescue effort.

The New York State Police say the woman appeared to be in her 40s. Search efforts are currently focusing on the river below the falls. According to the Daily Mail, police have a video recording of the woman’s demise which was taken by a stunned onlooker. The tourist allegedly had video footage of the woman plummeting over the falls and handed it over to the police to help with the investigation.

Niagara Falls firemen putting on harness, state police car damaged on rescue scene. @TWCNewsBuffalo

— LaMonica Peters (@lamonicatwcnews) September 19, 2015

Rescue crews at Niagara Falls now searching for person in the water. We’ll bring you latest on @TWCNewsBuffalo

— LaMonica Peters (@lamonicatwcnews) September 19, 2015

With approximately six million cubic feet of water plunging over the massive falls each minute at an astonishing 70 mph, falling over the edge without protection leaves little chance of survival. In fact, the almost certain death makes Niagara Falls a popular destination not only for tourists but also suicides. Reports show that dozens of people commit suicide at Niagara Falls each year; however, most are not publicized.

Though survival chances are slim, it is noted that there have been rare instances of people falling over the falls and surviving. In fact, the Daily Mail notes two such cases.

“1960, Roger Woodward, a 7-year-old, fell over the falls wearing a life preserver and survived, while Kirk Jones, 40, managed to survive the fall in 2003 without even a flotation device.”

Did you realize that Niagara Falls was home to so many suicides each year?

[Image Credit: Getty Image/ John Moore]