‘UFC 191: Johnson Vs. Dodson 2’ Pay-Per-View Results — Updated LIVE!

Today, September 5, 2015, UFC will present UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2, only through pay-per-view. The event will take place in the MGM Grand Garden Arena located in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those who are unable to attend the fight live, once again it is a pay-per-view, and will cost an average of $50 in standard definition, $10 more for high-definition.

Fortunately, those who cannot afford the pay-per-view are given some luxuries at a smaller price. Starting at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST, the early preliminary card can be viewed through the UFC Fight Pass. One hour later, the preliminary card can be viewed through Fox Sports 1. Take note that the UFC 191 main card is when the flyweight championship title fight takes place. Until then, here are some past articles from the Inquisitr that assist in the build-up for this fight.

– Demetrious Johnson says only “uneducated fools” think he is boring.

– Andre Fili was the first to drop out of UFC 191 due to injury in which Tiago Trator will take his place against Clay Collard.

– The anticipated return of Liz Carmouche was supposed to happen at UFC 191 too but will not happen due to the fact “Girl-Rilla” was the second fighter injured before the pay-per-view.

– At least UFC fans will get to see Paige VanZant fight as she takes on Alex Chambers.

Unlike UFC 189: Mendes vs. McGregor or UFC 190: Rousey vs. Correia in which the main event sold the card, this pay-per-view is more dependent on the entire card being entertaining. Big name fighters like Andrei Arlovski, Frank Mir, Anthony Johnson, and Paige VanZant are on it to help sell it. Generally, this is a good thing given that UFC pay-per-views with Demetrious Johnson headlining are usually poor in sales compared to others. Fortunately, the main card is turning out to be entertaining just by how the weigh-ins went.

The results of the main fight card will be shown below as they become available. This is a live-updating article so for those who are unable to watch the pay-per-view, you can use this article as a means to find out the latest results. Please note that due to online limitations, only the overall result shall be posted live with a fight synopsis detailed after the pay-per-view. Since preliminary matches are fairly easy to watch — either on UFC Fight Pass or television — they will not be included.

Main Card (Pay-Per-View – 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST)

Paige “12 Gauge” VanZant vs. “Astro Girl” Alex Chambers – VanZant (USA) is 5-1-0 and ranked number seven. Aguilar is 4-2-0. They are fighting in the Women’s Strawweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: It seemed as if Chambers had no answer for VanZant’s constant barrage. When going toe-to-toe, VanZant would connect with strikes in her vintage brawl-like manner. In the clinch, VanZant would constantly feed Chambers both knees and elbows. As a matter of fact, any offense Chambers did attempt (and connected with) wasn’t memorable enough since they did little to no effect. The end cam in the third round when VanZant mounted Chambers for ground-and-pound. However at the last moment, VanZant saw Chambers had her arm out making it easy for her to lock in an armbar. It was so quick and precise, it was as if Ronda Rousey executed the submission herself.

RESULTS: VanZant defeats Chambers via Submission with an Armbar, 1:01 into the third round.

Jan Blachowicz vs. Corey “Beastin 25/8” Anderson – Blachowicz (Poland) is 18-4-0 and ranked number 12. Anderson (USA) is 6-1-0. They are fighting in the Light Heavyweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: This fight is a prime example of coming out full steam just to lose it later on because that is what Blachowicz did. In the first round, Blachowicz was the aggressor, connecting with vicious strikes including a body kick in which the crack can be heard throughout the arena. Unfortunately for him, Blachowicz overexerted himself. This was Anderson’s chance to come back in which he did in the second round by taking down Blachowicz to utilize ground control with a lot of well-placed body shots and elbows to the head. The third round was a lot like the second. The only difference is that Blachowicz seemed to have realized he lost as he stayed on the ground.

RESULTS: Anderson defeats Blachowicz via Unanimous Decision.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Jimi “Poster Boy” Manuwa – Johnson (USA) is 19-4-0 and ranked number one. Manuwa (USA) is 15-1-0 and ranked number seven. They are fighting in the Light Heavyweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: What was cool about this fight is that Johnson actually took a page out of Daniel Cormier’s arsenal by taking Manuwa down to the ground twice. While on the ground, Johnson controlled Manuwa with some well-placed ground-and-pound. There even seemed to be some submission attempts too. However, Johnson went back to what he knew by knocking out Manuwa in the second round.

RESULTS: Johnson defeats Manuwa via Knockout, 0:28 into the second round.

Andrei “Pit Bull” Arlovski vs. Frank Mir – Arlovski (Belarus) is 24-10-0 and ranked number four. Mir (USA) is 18-9-0 and ranked number ten. They are fighting in the Heavyweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: This fight seemed to be evenly match given the pace, but it was Mir who seemed to be the aggressor. By pacing himself and working in the clinch, Mir was able to go the distance against Arlovski. By the second round however, Mir did slow down a bit. The highlight of the second round had to be when Mir tried to bait Arlovski to hit him. The third round, Mir was able to take down Arlovski for a submission attempt but Arlovski was able to get out. In the end, Arlovski won the fight by unanimous decision. Mir constantly locking up Arlovski in the clinch just to have the referee break it up may be what hurt his chances to win.

RESULTS: Arlovski defeats Mir via Unanimous Decision.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson vs. “The Magician” John Dodson – Johnson (USA) is 21-2-1 and the current UFC flyweight champion. Dodson (USA) is 18-6-0. They are fighting in the Flyweight Division for the UFC flyweight championship.

SYNOPSIS: This fight, which went coast-to-coast can be described as Johnson standing strong to defend his championship while Dodson exponentially tires more and more with each passing round. It is clear that Johnson was going to win the fight coming into the third round if the cat-and-mouse game both fighters played continued. Johnson goaded Dodson to follow in which Dodson did. In the end, it Dodson could not pull out a “magic trick” to save himself and ended losing via unanimous decision. The one praise Dodson did receive was that his takedown defense was on par. From what I remember, Dodson was really taken down once and that was in the last round of the fight.

RESULTS: Johnson defeats Dodson via Unanimous Decision to retain the UFC flyweight championship.

[Image via UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2 Promotions]