Kangaroos Stare Down Cyclist In Australia

Ben Vezina was cycling on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, when he came across a massive group of kangaroos. Vezina filmed the kangaroos as he was riding in Hawkstowe Park, which is near Hurstbridge.

In the footage, which was taken on Sunday, a mob of kangaroos can be seen standing around as Vezina makes his way down a deserted dirt track. The cyclist slowly makes his way down the track, and the kangaroos just continue to stand there looking at the camera, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The cyclist mentions that it felt like a kangaroo apocalypse, instead of a zombie one. He continues on the dirt track, and he wonders if he should continue on because of the kangaroos.

Vezina decides to go on, and a few kangaroos do end up hopping away, but other kangaroos don’t budge and hold their ground as he cycles on. The cyclist continues to speak, saying that he was a little terrified.

According to SBS, the kangaroos left Vezina alone, and he was able to safely continue his journey. Under the video, he wrote that kangaroos are nice animals. He continued to say that kangaroos don’t gather like hordes and attack people.

The cyclist added that kangaroos coexist with people and that his video was proof. He also recommended that cyclists and pedestrians should go to Hawkstowe Park alone.

As for why there was such a large gathering of kangaroos, it could have been because of the abundance of grass in the clearing, according to Lorraine Jolly. Jolly is an Australian bush manager at the Melbourne Zoo.

Jolly said that the kangaroos looked accustomed to people moving throughout the park. She added that this is probably why the kangaroos’ flight response was diminished. She pointed out that the kangaroos would have moved away earlier if they were not used to seeing people.

The spokeswoman said that the kangaroos did move off once they thought the cyclist got too close, but they didn’t show any signs of aggression towards him.

In the video’s description, Vezina jokingly writes as if he was a group of kangaroos, saying that they promise Ben is safe and that kangaroos don’t know how to type. He also provides a link to Google Maps, which shows where the park can be found.

Earlier this month, a Reddit user snapped a photo of a kangaroo that was standing next to the road, and he was staring down vehicles on the way to Mount Buller.

[Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images]

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