Wife Hits Husband With SUV When He Tries To Stop Her Wisconsin Recall Vote

James Johnson

Jeffrey Radle of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin was hospitalized on Tuesday after his wife Amanda Radle hit him with the family SUV, leading to head, neck and back injuries.

According to Chippewa Falls Police Chief Wendy L. Stelter the couple had been arguing over the gubernatorial recall election primary. According to Stelter:

"She was planning on voting for a certain candidate, and it wasn't the candidate he wanted her to vote for."

The report says Jeffrey was "nudged" by his wife and would "retreat and re-establish his ground" and "at one point he climbed onto the hood."

When Mrs. Radle finally attempted to actually leave Jeffrey Radle jumped in front of the SUV and was hit.

In a moment of redneck rage Radle's brother Mike said of the recall:

"These crazy liberal nuts are always pulling this crap."

In the meantime the Chippewa County district attorney's office is investigating the case and could press charges. As the police chief rightfully proclaims:

"To think that people would become that distraught over an election is very concerning."