Melissa Riso's Jaw-Dropping Bikini Body Is Giving Instagram A Fever In New Video

Melissa Riso is known for showing off her bombshell body on Instagram, and the video she posted on Wednesday is no different. In the clip, Melissa strikes a series of alluring poses in a turquoise bikini that does a great job of displaying the curves of her body. At one point, she tugs at the bikini top to reveal even more of her cleavage, a move that likely triggered heart palpitations among her 1.1 million followers. The video's impact is only heightened by the "come-hither" stares she gives to the camera to keep the viewer engaged.

The clip is a piece of sponsored content for Bang Energy Drinks and their new line of hemp-infused beverages, Stoked. Melissa was promoting their new flavor called Birthday Cake. This isn't the first time that she's promoted the product, though. As The Inquisitr reported, she recent donned a green snakeskin bikini to promote their "Mango Bango Canablast," flavor and that video was just as jaw-dropping as her most recent one.

Both bikinis are by a company called Meg Liz Swimwear. The green snakeskin design is called the Serena and retails for $35-$70 on their website. Melissa didn't reveal the name of the bikini she's wearing in her new video for Stoked, but the design is similar to the company's "Sol" bikini. The brand's site sells the bikini top and bottom separately for this one. The top costs $84 while the bottoms retail for $64.

On Instagram, fans seemed to be tripping over themselves to compliment Melissa in the comments section of her newest post.

One fan got a little spiritual with his comment.

"God must have created you and your smile in leisure with pleasure," they wrote.

Another seemed to fill their comment with as many adjectives that they could think of.

"Oh baby,...You are absolutely stunning and adorably gorgeous, baby doll. Sizzling hot n suppa sexy," they gushed.

Others were more succinct in their commentary.

"Gorgeous as always," one commenter wrote.

"Nice body!" another commented.

"Absolutely Stunning," a third fan raved.

Melissa is likely used to getting this kind of attention on Instagram since she posts seductive content on Instagram on a near-daily basis.

As The Inquisitr noted, she showed off her enviably toned derriere in a recent photo where she's rocking a nude swimsuit, and she received the same type of adulation from her adoring fans who can't seem to get enough of her NSFW Instagram posts.