Blind Artist John Bramblitt Paints By His Sense Of Touch [Video]

Blind artist John Bramblitt paints by his sense of touch. John started to lose his sight when he was 8-years-old. By the time he was 30, he started having seizures, which rendered him completely blind.

It is rare to lose one’s eyesight due to epilepsy. Unfortunately, it happened to John. The young man went through a deep depression. However, he was able to find comfort in painting.

John briefly shares his thoughts on what painting does for him.

“Painting forces you to live brushstroke to brushstroke. You’re only thinking about that one moment.”

Mixing Paints By Touch Blind artist, John Bramblitt, uses a sense of touch to mix paint. (Photo courtesy of John Bramblitt)

One day Bramblitt got a bottle of fabric paint and started to draw lines on paper. It was then that he realized he could navigate brush strokes with his fingers along the raised edges on the canvas.

John also discovered he could successfully blend colors to specific shades by his sense of touch, allowing him to mix oil paints.

For example, black paint is runnier than white paint, which is as thick as toothpaste. John figured out how to create a perfect shade of gray by feeling the texture of the two paints when they are mixed together. In addition, his tubes of paint have Braille on them, making them easier for him to read.