Painter John Bramblitt Showcasing Art On Tour — One Detail About Artist Makes Him Phenomenal [Video]

Over the years, the Inquisitr has showcased the phenomenal artistic talents of those who are creating to inspire hundreds of thousands of other artists across the United States, as well as around the world. Such artists include Maria A. Aristidou, an artist who paints using different shades of coffee, Akiane Kramarik, the former child prodigy who has grown up but still loves to paint, and Mike Dargas, a painter who is so good at hyperrealism that his paintings look like portraits.

Now there is another painter on the scene that is getting a lot of attention in the art community. His name is John Bramblitt, and he is currently on his 2015 tour showcasing his masterpieces. However, what is phenomenal about Bramblitt is something most people would not expect when it comes to someone who makes a living painting. John Bramblitt is blind.

According to Daily Mail, John Bramblitt lost his sight about 12 years ago at the age of 30, due to complications from epilepsy developed 19 years earlier at the age of 11. Despite the fact he was completely blind, Bramblitt discovered a love of painting through his blindness and has made a commitment to not have his condition prevent him from creating masterpieces, some of people he’s never seen before.

Though someone becoming completely blind when they used to see seems very disheartening, John Bramblitt states that it is when he became blind, that he truly began to see the world. In the following video, he explains how color means more to him now than when he was “sighted” or being able to see.

Of course, many people would wonder how a blind man could paint such amazing masterpieces without the sense of sight. The Huffington Post details John Bramblitt’s painting process in which he first starts out with a series of raised lines on a canvas. The lines are used to determine his spatial position at any moment. Through touch, Bramblitt is able to identify the correct colors of paint claiming that oils are made of different substances which provides a different viscosity and texture for each color. Finally through his vivid imagination, John Bramblitt creates masterpieces that belong side-by-side with paintings of those who can see.

To see more of John Bramblitt’s paintings, he has an official website that features a gallery of all of his paintings. Bramblitt is also on tour right now and will make stops at art shows in Texas and Oklahoma.

[Image via John Bramblitt]

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