Nurse Note Viral: Nurse Leaves Brutally Honest Note To Thief Who Stole Her Bike [Photo]

Meaghan Ellis

A nurse who normally rides her bike to work received quite a surprise when she walked outside one day and her bike was gone. To her shock and dismay, her precious bike had been stolen so, of course, she was absolutely furious. But, because she had no idea who committed the disheartening crime, she didn't exactly have the chance to vent about her frustrations -- until now.

According to Opposing Views, the woman opted for a created brand of revenge by writing a brutally honest note to the unknown thief who stole her bike. To increase her chances of the unknown thief actually seeing the note, the nurse taped it where the bike was stolen from. Although it's not guaranteed that the thief would see the posted note, there's a strong possibility he frequents the route where the bike was parked. Regardless of the outcome, she needed to voice her frustrations, and now her note has gone viral.

Here's what the nurse had to say.

"To the low life scum bags who stole 2 bikes from Blossom Street," the woman wrote. "You stole from a nurse who cycles to work to give cancer patients chemotherapy. It's people like you who should be ill."

On Sunday, July 5, the scathing note was shared via Imgur, and it definitely didn't take long for viewers to begin sharing the nurse's jaw-dropping remarks. Thousands have sympathized and commended her for speaking out about the situation, but surprisingly many feel she took things a bit too far. In fact, many viewers were quite surprised that a nurse would stoop to such lengths by wishing a terminal illness on someone, since she witnesses the extent of that sufferance each day.

Do you think the nurse went a bit too far with her note to the bike thief? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Imgur]