Parking Note Viral: Angry Guy Pens Note To Person Who Stole His Parking Spot, Gets Unexpected Surprise In Return

People tend to take reserved parking very seriously. Whether parking at a place of business or a residence, it doesn’t matter if there’s another spot available, a person’s assigned parking space is valuable — a symbol of ownership.

So, when one guy came home from a long day at work at 3:00 a.m., you can only imagine how furious he was when he discovered someone had taken his parking spot. Out of frustration, he decided to voice his concerns about the rude gesture, and he definitely didn’t hold back. But, surprisingly, the person occupying his space had a shocking response to the letter. Now, the story has gone viral.

According to Full Redneck, a Facebook user named Whitney Melton decided to share an interesting experience he recently had. On June 20, he uploaded a photo of a letter he’d written to the person who parked in his parking spot. He also included a description detailing the incident.

“After working an 18 hour day, I got home at 3AM and someone was in my parking space,” Melton wrote. “My neighborhood sucks for street parking so I left a note and then came home the next day to this.”

Although Melton was clearly upset about his parking spot, he stated that he understood because “things happen,” but nevertheless was very annoyed. But after voicing his frustration, he concluded with a bit of advice suggesting what the person could do to resolve the misunderstanding. Melton requested a six-pack of “good beer” to make up for the mishap.

Here’s the text from the letter:

“Hi! What is this bulls**t?” Melton’s note read. “You’re in my space! As you probably know, this neighborhood sucks for street parking. I just spent 30 minutes looking for a space and hiking back. And now I have to wake up and move it for street cleaning too. Let’s not let this happen again ok?

“I get it, we all do crappy things now and then. But I really hope I never see your car in my space again. If you wanted to do right, when I get home from work tomorrow there will be a six-pack of good beer here.”

parking note

Surprisingly, the person took Melton’s request into consideration and purchased him a six-pack of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA which costs approximately $17.99, the publication reports. Melton also uploaded a photo of the peace offering. Over the past week, the photos have gone viral and many Facebook users have commended both Melton and the person who parked in his parking spot.

What would you do if someone parked in your parking spot? Would you handle the situation the way Melton did? Share your thoughts.

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