Woman Wins Workers Comp Lawsuit After “Sex Accident” Injury

A female employee working for the Australian government was awarded a workers comp claim in court on Thursday after a judge ruled that she should be compensated for her sex related injury.

The female worker was traveling on business when she invited a friend back to her hotel for a roll in the hay so to speak, during that interaction a light fixture fell on the women and she was injured.

Once back in the office the female employee filed a workers comp claim which her employer immediately declined based on her actions at the time of the injury.

Not being one to take no for an answer the female employee filed a lawsuit against the governmental agency.

In rendering their decision the judge overseeing the case noted:

“If the applicant had been injured while playing a game of cards in her motel room she would be entitled to compensation.”

The judge goes on to note that the sex act involved should not play a part in the decision to award workers comp since it is an “ordinary incident of life.”

Perhaps the woman’s employer should have thought twice about the consequences their decision to deny the workers claim would bring, after all in a funny twist it turns out the female worker is an employee for the Australian agency that specifically monitors occupational health and safety.

Do you think the court acted properly in awarding the female employee workers comp based on her sex fueled escapades during a business trip?