Women Suffers Sex Injury, Sues Her Employer

An Australian government employee suffered an injury while having sex during a business trip and she’s now suing her employer to collect compensation.

According to the Daily Telegraph the employee was having sex in a hotel room when a light fixture fell on her and caused injuries to her face, she’s also says that she’s suffering “mental distress” a pretty common term thrown around for frivolous lawsuits.

According to the workers lawyer:

“This is no different than slipping over in the shower.”

Before anyone was able to object to the claim her lawyer quickly turned the case into an example of 1920’s sexism, noting that she shouldn’t face discrimination because, “it’s not the 1920s.”

For their part the Australian government is sticking to their guns, refusing to reimburse her claim because sex is:

“Not an ordinary incident of an overnight stay like showering, sleeping or eating.”

The judges decision is pending at this time.

I wonder what her lawyer would have claimed had she been having sex in the shower, slipped and then fell.

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