Strange Fleet Of UFOs Captured Hovering In The Early-Morning Skies Of Peru [Video]

Tresha Barrett

On Monday, footage was captured of a fleet of UFOs hovering in the skies of Tarma, Peru, around 5.a.m.

The clip was recorded by a Peruvian resident and his son after he spotted the light orbs floating above his home.

In the 10-minute video, five round white lights can be seen hovering in the sky, before getting into what seems like flight formations.

The baffled Spanish-speaking videographer could be heard commenting on the strange sighting.

"First one appears, then it disappears," says the son. "Are they five? Or is it just a big one?" he wonders. "I am scared now. Do you think they know we are recording them? Please, don't leave me."

UFO Peru

The father indicated that he believes the hovering lights are a part of a larger spaceship and that's the reason why it's able to remain as still as it does.

"It is still, completely still. It is like that one from Mexico," he tells his son. "What we are seeing is just the base of it."

Adding, "I have seen things like this for 45 years."

The footage was later published on June 23, after being submitted to Ovnis Actuales, a group on Facebook reportedly dedicated to posting on the latest UFO sightings.

[Image via YouTube]