Rolando Ramos: Second Soccer Coach Of Same Youth Team Busted On Child Molesting Charge

Rolando Ramos, the coach of a boy’s youth soccer team in the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas, was arrested Monday on a charge of indecent contact with a child. The incident allegedly involved a player on the C.D. Independiente club team, who was just 14 when the offense occurred, police say.

The detectives who busted the 47-year-old Ramos (pictured above left) say that they expect more charges to be filed against the coach incoming days.

According to police records cited in a report by the Dallas Morning News, the investigators with the Dallas Child Exploitation Unit started checking into the activities of Ramos “after receiving allegations from three different past players who were coached by Suspect Ramos when they played for C. D. Independiente.”

But the arrest also raises questions about what exactly has been going on with the youth soccer club — because the arrest of Ramos came just three days after the team’s former coach was convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old player on the C.D. Independiente team.

On June 12, Jaime Alvarenga (above right) pleaded guilty to charges that he sexually assaulted the boy, as well as to two counts of indecency with a child. He was hit with a 15-year-sentence.

Alvarenga, 46, was busted back in 2011 when police were making a routine check of a Super 8 motel on the LBJ Freeway in the Dallas area. When they heard the 15-year-old soccer player cry out upon seeing police, the cops moved in and took Alvarenga into custody.

Court records cited by the Dallas Morning News show that the previous C.D. Independiente coach touched the boy’s private parts, then forced him into an act of anal sex, according to the boy’s complaint.

Whether the Alvarenga case is related to the child sex offense allegedly committed by Ramos is not clear and not something that police have noted publicly. Specific details of the alleged offense committed by Ramos have not yet been released.

The Garland Soccer Association, of which the team is a member, issued a statement denying any connection to Ramos.

“Coach Ramos ‘is not’ and ‘was not’ a Volunteer Coach through the Garland Soccer Association at anytime during the events in question. We are not in a position to discuss this matter and have no knowledge of the events.”

Detectives say they suspect Ramos of sexual offenses against young players on the soccer team that took place between 2006 and 2012. They arrested Ramos on just one count.

“We anticipate additional charges will be filed on Suspect Ramos as the investigation continues,” investigators said in a Tuesday statement. Dallas police have asked members of the public who may have information about past child sex offenses committed by Ramos to come forward and help.

Rolando Ramos is being held on $50,000 bond. His case comes just two days after a once-popular TV personality, Rolf Harris, was found to have written a letter from prison taunting the victims of his own child sex abuse.

[Images: Dallas Police Department]

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