Austrian Brothel: Free Sex, Booze For Two Months Offered In Protest Of High Tax Rates

The owner of an Austrian brothel is hosting an unorthodox special: offers of free sex and booze to patrons for eight weeks.

Hermann Muller, proprietor of Pascha, a popular brothel in the city of Salzburg, announced the company’s “summer special.” Basically, customers can indulge in an all-you-can-drink frenzy. And as an added bonus — at absolutely no charge — guests can have sex with the ladies of the night, according to a Daily Mail report. Yes, sex for free, folks.

The brothel owner is giving away freebies in response to what he says is unfair taxation by the Austrian government. Muller points to a history of mismanagement of tax dollars and inability to reign in the underground sex market. In his opinion, regulators are turning a blind eye to street and housing prostitution rings that are run by pimps.

As a consequence, they are allowed to operate tax-free, while the brothel owner pays the lion’s share. He also claims officials are unfairly targeting him by making frequent appearances at his place of business. In a sharp rebuke of the alleged harassment and high rates for brothels, Muller says he’s tired of being “the tax office’s pimp.”

“In the last decade I have paid taxes of almost €5 million [$5,609,700 in US dollars]…The problem is, the tax office wants more and more. They allow me no room for maneuver.”

European countries have a long history of tolerance towards houses of ill repute. However, recently, Amsterdam prostitutes banded together in protest against the government. According to a previous Inquisitr report, officials in the Netherlands came under fire for closing a window brothel in the Red Light District.

Because sex for hire is legal in Austria’s brothel establishments, it creates stiff competition between unlicensed and licensed entities. Muller, the self-described “king” of the “District,” says he will subsidize the wages of hourly workers out of his own pocket.

Some have charged that the brothel operator is giving away free alcohol and sex as a way to evade taxes. Moreover, some have even claimed he is supporting human sex trafficking; many of his prostitute workers are migrants. He insists that he is fully compliant with the law as it’s written.

Free sex and alcoholic beverages at the Austrian brothel have attracted a bevy of customers, most of which have been reluctantly turned away. Muller says that the demand goes beyond service capabilities, and many customers are dismayed by the news.

It’s unknown if other brothels in Austria intend to followup with free campaigns. Meanwhile, the pimps are likely not too happy with the handouts.

[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]