Amsterdam Prostitutes Protest The Closure Of Window Brothels In The Red Light District

When it comes to prostitution, Europe is far more lenient and accepting of the world’s oldest occupation compared to the United States. Just recently, the Inquisitr reported that a German brothel sent out an inquiry to interested prospects to test the waters on new prostitutes. The United States, on the other hand, would only allow such in Reno. Anywhere else is illegal, where often times the law is broken in back alleys and seedy strip clubs, mostly because it is a part of sex trafficking.

However, it seems that certain countries in Europe, which used to be openly liberal towards prostitution, are changing. One such country is the Netherlands. There, Amsterdam prostitutes protest the closure of one of their Red Light District’s famous details: window brothels.

Amsterdam Prostitute Rally 1
Protesters gathered in Amsterdam to rally against the closure of window brothels in the Red Light District.

For those who are not in the know about window brothels in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, they heavily advertise their goods and services (being Amsterdam prostitutes) by having them on display in open windows. Amsterdam prostitutes would dance and pose in lingerie or other sexy or scantily clad clothing in the window’s booth for desiring men to see.

However, a report by Fox News states the closure of window brothels is a means to rejuvenate Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This is part of a long-term initiative to reinvigorate the historic network of canal-side streets and narrow alleys. Summarized, by reducing the number of window brothels in minor traffic arteries of the city, more people — both citizens and tourists — may use them. Since the initiative was initiated, about 115 of the 500 window brothels have been closed within recent years.

On the other hand, Amsterdam prostitutes are not happy with the closure of window brothels, as reported by Yahoo! News. Amsterdam police spokeswoman Marjolein Koek made and the initial statement about the protest.

“About 250 people demonstrated in the red light district against the closure of the windows.”

The protesters did not just consist of Amsterdam prostitutes who covered their faces with masks to protect their identities, but their families accepting of their jobs and customers who often indulge in their services. They waved signs that said, “Don’t save us, save our windows” and “Stop closing our windows.”

A spokeswoman speaking on behalf of the Amsterdam prostitutes gave an official statement to ANP, a Dutch press agency.

“Sex is a legal career in the Netherlands and we need support, we want to be taken seriously by politicians. We are, nonetheless, being treated like pariahs and kicked out of the neighborhood without anyone asking our opinion.”

It should also be noted that prostitution has been legal in the Netherlands since the new millennium began. Presently, about 7,000 Amsterdam prostitutes work their trade in safety. For about 75 percent of them (about 5,250), the income made is a lifesaver since they came from eastern European countries inflicted with poverty.

[Images via Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/AFP]